Sluggy beats us all

Gout Man

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I didn’t know her, but oh my I’ll miss her posts, hope she wasn’t suffering, Sluggy RIP and cheerio.


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Only Sluggy could arrange to have her untimely demise posted at the start of Remembrance weekend! I vote we all put a "plus 1" on our poppies in pink glitter.
She often pm'd me asking how Mrs Smeg was when she was being treated for Breast Cancer. It wasn't until later that she told me how bad she was and swore me to secrecy. She then said if I ever told anyone how nice she'd been, she would slash my face off!

RIP Princessness
Wherever she is now - heaven, hell, Valhalla, the clouds, Hades - I'm sure she's having a right old time causing mayhem and tearing the place up. And quite right, too. I hope she's landed in the Mormon section. Can you imagine the carnage...?
She'd be bored shitless in heaven!
You will be missed.
Rest in peace, Angela.



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I still remember exactly where I was when J phoned to tell me, "She's collapsed and passed out, I'm going to the pub"
Then an hour or so later she phones to tell me she can't be ársed with going out to the hotels smoking area so she'll just stay in bed to smoke and pay the €200 deep cleaning fee.

Or the call I got at daft o'clock in the morning to tell me she couldn't be ársed with waiting for a train so she got a cab from Kings Cross to Gatwick.
My first question was why the fúck are you going to Gatwick?
She just said she was bored the night before so booked herself a flight to the States to disrupt JJHs household for a few days
1700hrs she was wankered. We’d free dinner courtesy of Mercedes. I had dinner on my own, she staggered off after interrupting a persons job interview in the hotel. She asked her what she really wanted to do with her life and other such drivel.


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She told me about her illness last November but requested that it was kept quiet. Extremely sorry to hear the news today.

RIP, Ang.


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So sad - one of the sites true characters and a little piece of ARRSE has gone with her.
We exchanged PMs occasionally, mainly about the Tonight I Cooked thread, but I never realised how ill she was.
RIP Angela aka Dale the Snail.

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who got her mobile ending in 911 ???
by eck you could have some fun with that
I bet a few people would crap themselves after the funeral if that one started calling them
any way she told me she died back in May 2014
so are we really sure ?


She'd be bored shitless in heaven!
She'd certainly liven it up! Slugs - if they've internet in the afterlife and you read this go find my dad's cloud and tell him I sent you; you'll spend eternity disco dancing and shedded on proper scrumpy.
She tore me a new ******** on possilby my third post - she was viscous - but loved reading her retorts and barbs - really funny.

I think The Hole should be re-named Slugsville or somewhat, she'd always be remembered.

You've been left to me in her will - and any more bollocks from you and I'll be tearing hou an new ******** tyoo lofty!!

She'd be bored shitless in heaven!
She'd be soon SNLR'd & sent to the naughty step. The big badge will be onto the Provost staff telling them to never let her in his mess again.

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