Sluggy beats us all

After many false nominations, it is with huge regret that I announce that Dale the Snail,
( Dale, The Slug of the House Snail, First of Her Name, the Unhossied, Queen of the Hooers,
and the First Arrserati, Khaleesi of the Great Torn Sea, Breaker of legs, and Mother of Beavers)

has won this year's Deadpool with a correct, self-nomination.

It has been a huge priviledge and a gas to know her, eat cake and sweets until whirly-eyed on sugar,
smeurk smeurks until I felt sick, do weird chat, laugh at her way with words (and virtual fruit knives),
witness her generosity to other people and cause general e-havoc with and on her instruction.

Dale (Undisputed Mong Magnet of the Year 2002 - 2019) snuck out past us on Sunday
November 3rd, peacefully, in St. Teresa's Hospice, Darlington.

Her family, Dave, Kate and Alan need a little space at present,
so I'll copy and forward any comments left here for them to read at their leisure.

The family obituary for Ang, and details of her funeral are here
BARBER, Angela Louise - Newton Aycliffe

------ <o0o> -------

" Family flowers only, donations if desired may be given at the chapel for the RNLI
or by following the just giving link "

If attending, indicating funeral turnout might be a practical courtesy on our part - see AlienFTM's thread.
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What a shame :(

She seemed to have such a fight left in her
That's so sad, she was always so chirpy when I spoke with her that it was hard to realise that the end was so close. She may have given the impression of being a no nonsense lady who was quick with amusing little darts to some of the belters on here but she was a really genuine, warm and caring person. A real loss for arrse, the beavers and, of course her family.
That's very sad to hear. I was only thinking the other day that we hadn't heard from her for a while.

I always looked forward to reading her posts as they were full of (biting) wit and wisdom.


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I will always remember being step dad to her dog, keeper of her house and her getting us barred from a particular pub in RIchmond for her pestering a ginger lad who looked a little like a certain Prince.

I dare not think how many cheeky vimtos, pink wines and takeaways we scoffed at her gaff. or how many empty bottles we hid in my old clio when we scrapped it
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for those who know, "Chiken Bone video"
That is very sad news.
I never met her or spoke.
Somehow, though, whenever I received a 'Funny' from her, I felt as if I had received a personal accolade from the Queen of Arrse, and my standing in these august halls had risen.


Oh crap. I've known about her illness for a few months now, but despite it, in PMs, she always remained upbeat, fiesty and funny.

RIP Slugster, you're going to be greatly missed.
Never met Sluggy personally, but am genuinely saddened at hearing of her passing, thoughts with her family
Such sad news of a wonderful person who was as loving in an oblique way as she was acerbic in good measure. Though nicknamed Sluggy, she was no slouch when it came to wit and rapid response to some of the belters who crossed swords with her. May her God give her peace, though I can hear her shouting now, "Hey! You're in my seat!"


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Well, shit, that is a shame, I hadn't realised she was that poorly. On the upside, we are all guaranteed entry to heaven now, as Sluggy will have flogged the gates and had St Peter's legs broken by now. Condolences to whatever she left intact of her family. @Good CO @Bad CO if you could do the honours please.


Never got to meet you in person Sluggy, but enjoyed your posts and sharp sense of humour. RIP, you will be missed

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