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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SLRboy, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. If you really are a retired American officer, would it be to much to ask you to stop using that idiotic and infantile term -'Bad Guys'.
    What is being played out there is not a game of Cow Boys & Indians.
  2. Quite right.

    Call them what they are - murdering bastards
  3. Quiet correct.....

    Murdering cunts is a much better term.
  4. Were they Al Qaeda?
    Were they Sunni secular nationalists?
    Were they anti Shia Sunni?
    Were they just Shia?
    Were they anti Sunni Shia?
    Were they anti American shia?
    Were they anti American & anti Sunni?
    Or were they merely some of the majority of Iraqis who would like the Americans to f'uck off?
  5. Refer to them as fvcking insurgents or disaffected locals. A freedom fighter is, as the name implies is someone who fights for freedom, as such it can not be applied to these fvckers because they have freedom -- they are no longer oppressed and just blow themselves up for religious bollox.
  6. Go on - take a wild guess
  7. Call them what you like. Theres 250 less of them to worry about.
  8. Were they SLRs family?
    Were they SLR secular nationalists?
    Were they anti SLR Sunni?
    Were they just SLR?
    were they SLRs friends
    Were they anti Sunni SLRs?
    Were they anti SLR shia?
    Were they anti SLR & anti SLR?
    Or were they merely some of the majority of Iraqis who would like SLR to f'uck off?
  9. Yes but before we get on our self righteous high horses gentlemen I noticed from the Sky link another story about fierce fighting between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza.
    Seems us from the west are good at fomenting civil wars amongst the arabs.
    Anyone care to brief me as to what the political/military objectives of that exercise could possibly achieve - for us?
  10. Its going to be less of the cunts to worry about either way. At least if they're killing each other then:

    a) They arn't trying to kill us.
    b) They're saving us a job.
  11. Well good for you drainsniffer - you have only another 25 million or so of the c'nuts to kill and we should have a nice clean arab free desert to play with.
    So wont keep you any longer - you better get out there you have a lot of killing to do.

    How does it go?
    So many Arabs to kill.
    So little time.
  12. Have you served? Ever?
  13. We used to call them "Chaps"
  14. computer didn't lodge post properly
  15. Tell me SLRboy, do You have sympathy with the Irish terrorist struggle?