Totally agree Bugly bloody good bit of kit. Hit em with a round from that and the buggers didn,t get up.
I liked it. I'd buy one tomorrow, now even!

As your first post I do hope you're not part of the troll invasion!
Throw in some double leaf rear sights... get the carbide lamp on the foresight blade...set the gas regulator to 3... keep the pistol grip wooden (better adhesion)... put a size 2 spacer on the butt and the handguard can be plastic/ a goodun

'Come and meet my lil fren'

Forgive me from straying over from the multinat forum.

SLR? Brilliant. Imagine this: the hordes come over the hill, you're in the middle of morning routine, your gat's lying in pieces in front of you. L1A1? No wuckin furries! Breech block in the slide, into the receiver and closed and you're getting rounds down range in under 5 seconds ..... OK it's effectively a bolt action rifle until you get time to put the gas system back together, but that's better than nothing. Which leads us to F-88; M4; L85 in the same circumstances. No chance. Rifle's in bits, and your brain is about to turn into a pink mist....

And excuse me whilst I feed my vain side .... drill with arms - L1A1, I'm getting a semi just thinking about it. F-88 drill? We look like friggin idiots with handbags slung over our shoulders.

If my wife would let me, and if Australian firearms laws would let me, and if my bank balance would let me .... I'd buy one.
Also much, much better than newer kit for a good butt-stroking in crowd control mode... :D

ALthough it was possible to bend the barrell if you were a plonker... :roll:
for civi shooting a nice new one
for warry stuff the swedish ak5 an improved version of the fnc basically the slr in 5.56mm with a folding stock and a susat
yes bad guys stop when hit by 7.62 they also stop when hit by 5.56mm and you get another 10 chances to stop them per mag :twisted:
A beautiful weapon, simple, effective, very robust, it was reliable in the most difficult of climates, plenty of stopping power, easy to clean and maintain and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

It broke my heart on the first day we received the SA80 in 1988, I loathed it as little more than a toy cap-gun.

I have been after a deactivated SLR to hang my wall for some time.
5 Words:
"Targets Will Fall When Hit"

Enough said
Best goddamn piece of kit going. Hated my A1 when i got it but love my A2.
It broke my heart on the first day we received the SA80 in 1988, I loathed it as little more than a toy cap-gun.
Agreed: I know it's unscientific, but the move from a 'boom' and a kick in the shoulder to that 'boing-tzing' noise and no kick left me distinctly underwhelmed... First time I fired it with defenders on, I kept thinking I was getting misfires or something - no noise, no recoil - wtf???

Ahhh.. Bring back Wombat, I say - now there was a weapon... Anything with a .50cal that's just the aiming aid gets my vote :lol:

(Edit - and just to start the hares running: it was nice to be able to choose my own shoulder to fire from on ops... :wink: )
AAAAgh the old days, lovely bit of kit felt heavy and punched heavily and targets did fall when hit. As to foot drill it will never be the same with the toys carried nowadays.
If looked after and gas at 3 or 4 it did the business. so yes a good bit of kit.
Loved it. Reliable, accurate, worked in the dirt, knocked them over, putting a bayonet on the end made sense, and you had to shoot properly with it otherwise it bit you. Better than that cheap bit of plastic we've got now.
Brutal kick, as a cadet I fired it on the Hythe ranges and ended up cheweing the bolt through a week hold -thick lip for weeks and hell of a bruise.
forgive me because i have never touched an SLR ive only heard about its legendry status but would giving it a 30 round mag and putting a susat on top and possibly fixing the A2 sling to it make it the ultimate weapon or am i just being a simpleton??

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