SLR - Slope Arms?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by diehard57, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know why we didn't slope arms with the SLR - I'm sure that a number of other armies who used the FAL, G3, Cetme (and other rifles comparable in length with the SLR) sloped arms rather than shouldered arms. Any one know why we differed?
  2. This is opinion not fact.

    There was no need to slope arms. The slope would probably have been a bit cumbersome with the SLR. The pistol grip made the shoulder relatively easy. There was also the high port, low port and trail arms options with the SLR.
  3. That would be my answer as well.
  4. Interesting.

  5. They are RAF though!!

    I was certainly never taught slope arms with the SLR but my intake was probably the last to be taught SLR drill (1989).

    To this day though I have never formally been taught SA80 drill, only what I have picked up on various courses by copying people :D

  6. I was always told not to wash my SLR in hot water,cos it would shrink, or change into something competely different,and the photo proves the point. :wink:
  7. Uhmmm isn't that an M16 in the pic?
  8. Looks like it. Deffo not an SLR though!
  9. Oops :oops: In my speed to slag off the RAF I couldn't see past the uniform :D

    I do believe you are indeed correct Sir :wink:


  10. It looks like it to me too. My point is that it has a pistol grip yet slope arms is still the position.
  11. Your haste to slag off our defence budget draining colleagues is understandable and your error clearly as a result of this!

  12. I seem to remember a DS papping on about the SLR being a lot heavier than earlier rifles and having a different centre of gravity as well which made the "slope arms" obsolete.

    Of course hearing this with the DS yelling at me 0.5" away from my face may have clouded my memory. :evil:
  13. Ahhh Happy Days.... :)
  14. hmm quite, the SLR weighed some 20lbs so would be cumbersome in the slope where as the M16 pictured was very light, also the pistol grip position and the centre of gravity made sloping it impractical from a dropping it point of view. IMHO could be wrong though!! :D
  15. I thought the SLR weighed 9lbs