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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armies, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Gents, heard it here first. The SLR is coming back into service in around 2012.

    The SA80 A2 rifle will start being phased out in 2010 ish.

    Thats what I heard from a civil servant mate- who also told me the planned trip of 30 thousand troops going to Kuwait back in October2 002, when it wasnt announced until early 2003, for those that remember.
  2. Are steel helmets coming back too? And puttees? And pork chop sidies with dodgy tashes?
  4. yeh and my mate dave down the pub said that DPM is going next month and there bringing back red jackets and muskets,

    oh and when im at it at of next saturday (you cant tell anyone this its a secret) there going to make the crabs work weekends, I heard this from a guy i work with who babysits the cousins son of a civil servant
  5. Along with blanco, brasso and Bully beef no doubt!
  6. Yeah, right...... If he'd said G36 you might have got a less sceptical response.
  7. Time to dust off my pike.
  8. Oh, and for those of us in Kuwait in '02 it was no surprise.....
  9. Well I know for a fact that the Imperial War Museam are about to get an ECI and have to put rediness returns into Land for their deployable vehicles

  10. That'll never work, you'll be saying we won't be staying in hotels next!
    Anyway, my mate said we're being re-badged Royal Flying Corps next year in a modernisation attempt. (probably not too far from the truth actually!)
  11. RAF at weekends!!! Feck off.

    Do I have to apply for a black powder licence?
  12. how about this?

  13. Gents if id said the Lee Enfield was coming back- id expect these responces.
  14. Martini-Henry anyone?
  15. Just what kind of resonse did you want/expect?