SLR related senile dementia?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DavetheApe, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. OK - here it is.

    I woke up this morning trying to remember whether the BFA for the SLR was yellow or black, and exactly how it screwed in to the muzzle.

    What the fcuk is wrong with me?. Is this how it starts? Is the Emperor Mong playing tricks with me? Will I end up like Tropper? On a dark night? In Carterton?

    Anyway, in case this has lit a small candle in anyone else's head, I enclose some pictures. It's yellow, and screwed in.

    And relax.......

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  2. Yellow.
  3. Thanks Jarrod. I googled it.

    In your professional capacity, can you advise as to whether this will lead to further Cold War related mental illness? Will I become fixated on the mightily impressive SMG spring next?
  4. Cherryade.
  5. It certainly had a touch of Zebedee about it.
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  6. The BFA was yellow, unscrewed until it came loose, then the barrel restriction plug fed into the flash-hider until the lower half fitted over the bayonet lug and the end part got screwed in place to hold it solid. It was an absurd weight, and unbalanced the Rifle of the Lords something rotten. I can't see the picture of the BFA used by some special forces units of the day; it was a fancy little yellow-painted lightweight jobbie which had the same barrel restriction rod but with a little strip of steel and a wing-nut to hold it in place. I remember trying to think of a way of half-inching one of those, as they were in perfect condition. The legitimate owners tended not to use blank rounds very much.

    That will be my medication on the tray, thank you nurse.
  7. You're only half senile.

    There was the big heavy yellow one where the end screwed in (as in the photo), and the small lightweight one with a butterfly nut on the underside.

    The latter were a bit more ally, because if you covered them in black tape, they blended in with the flash supressor and made it look like you were firing live rounds....

    Edited to add: (apart from being beaten to the draw) the latter lightweight BFAs IIRC were withdrawn from service because they'd get metal fatigue, snap -and turn into actual live rounds...
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  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It's nearly half past ten. Half past ten, I said. Time for a smoke break.
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  9. 4(T) - thanks, who got those, and from where? Only saw one once in my service, the armourer couldn't get one for me. He told me the lightweight ones were discontinued as they tended to snap.
  10. Those yellow things robbed people of going "Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang" in a full auto kinda way after going "Wokka wokka wokka" during a silent insertion from a 4 tonner helicopter.

    They stole all the realisim of warfare....
  11. Battlefield Ambulance ;-)
  12. Blank Firing Attachment.

    The only thing I never had to clean. One's Armourer said I didn't have to, as officers couldn't be trusted to put them back together correctly. The weight was to ensure that if an officer had disobeyed a legitimate order from one of his corporals, and had not assembled it correctly, then the mass x velocity made sure it couldn't fly towards the "enemy" fast enough to give him more than a bruise in the chest. Seeing as we didn't have anything as unmanly as body armour in those days.
  13. Ahem!! Well and truly Wahhed.
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