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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Mr Happy, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I'm a bit of a duffer on this subject - like many others - and am wondering if there is a smart person out there that can help with some idiot questions.

    I had a Nikon SLR 35mm F65 with two lenses 70-300mm and 28-80?mm (I think).

    A good friend has recently given me his Nikon SLR Digital D70 with a lens (18-50?mm)

    1. I've noticed that my 35mm lenses fit the Digital camera - are there going to be any issues in using them? Will I damage the camera? Will certain features (auto focus for example) not work? It appears to be OK but have only had a few minutes of play time.

    2. I've been interested in doing some fisheye photography for some time, 18mm is quite fishy but not obviously as good as 8mm. Is there a sensibly priced starting lens I should get to see how far I wish to go? Where can I get it other than ebay, clearly 2nd hand is preferable. Does it have to be digital or will 35mm work?

    3. Another friend has remote flashes to prevent shadow's with indoor photography and stuff, it looks worth the investment, any thoughts? Good source/manufacturer?

    4. I am thinking of a remote trigger, is £30 a reasonable price?

    Duff questions the lot but I'm all keen today.

    Mr H
  2. The digital mounts are the same as the old mounts to make the lenses interchangeable. A lens is just a lens and it carries the image into the body of the camera. Apertures and shutters are contained within the camera and operate the same regardless of the lens. I've used my old lenses on my digital SLR with no apparent problems and I can even use the auto setting if I wish. Just as well, given the cost of lens!
  3. Go for a Nikon Speedlight - cracking piece of kit - and try and bounce the flash off ceilings if indoors. Always looks better.

    Lenses won't damage camera, but you may not be able to use all the features you would normally.

    Personally I'm not sure about fisheye lenses - they're bloody expensive and you probably won't use it very often. Better off sticking to a really good, very wide angle lens. Depends on what sort of shots you like to take, though.
  4. Once you go digital the quality of the camera is not as critical as in the old days of film, but the software becomes important as you can do an amazing amount of stuff with a mediocre digital photograph, I no tend to blaze away in a way I could never afford in the days of film but then spend a lot of time editing the results,
  6. For digital fisheye, can't you just manipulate an ordinary image?
  7. I opened this thread expecting lots of gaping, up the chuff, shots and other steamy camera work, this is the NAAFI bar afterall.

    Imagine my surprise and disapointment to find the bar full of spotters!
  8. I expected pictures of a proper rifle.
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I'd need to check but I think the D70 body was one of the Nikons that had the auto-focus motor removed from the body to save weight and size. This means no auto-focus unless you get the newer lenses (with the autofocus motor in the lens, AF-S code i think)

    Apart from that there should be no issues with connection.

    Remember that with the digital you have a smaller CCD than you would have film the CCD is not 35mm, this usually means that your lenses have a different values than with film...think it is a factor of 1.5 with Nikon but unsure again...been too long since I looked it up.

    The standard lens which comes with the D70 is pretty good for a standard is the standard across the whole range of D cameras I think...I have it on my D40.

    The D70 should have a remote trigger just need the little clicker (RF transmitter) which is a standard Nikon item, can't remember the price but it wasn't much.

    Never tried a fisheye, but if you are after a bit cheaper lenses I have been impressed with the Sigma ones...just get the right version for the body (i.e. autofocus in the lens if needed). Some Nikon purists will be crying now, but I have no problem using alternative lens designs.

  10. If you're going digital, save yourself the cost of a fisheye lens; do all the image morphing using software.

    Also a fisheye is a bit of a one trick pony, go with the software option IMHO.
  11. man's gun, that was etc etc, blah blah
  12. have to agree on the Sigma lenses, I have them for both my Nikon and Canon and they are great for the price, i tend to go to a specialist camera shop to get information about lenses, filters, flash units etc and then make a note of the model and search online for the items, saves a few quid
  13. Agreed, you could do "Real" drill with an SLR rather than the new popgun!
  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    You're thinking of the D40/D60 series. The D70 has an auto focus motor built in!