SLR chest rig


This is the chest rig as modelled by the SLR fanatic.
Probably one's that would take 7.62mm mags for THAT rifle.

I do recall a lad with South African chest webbing , that had mag pouches that fitted those mags.
I may be wrong on the origin of the webbing though
Didnt the Canadians issue one for the C2A1 mags?

Datsun 120Y

I've got an Arctis chest rig somewhere, but it was usually full of sweeties and fags, with a bit of med kit in there


There wasn't any. And if there was you wouldn't have been allowed to wear it (they could still punish you for being a stroppy, bolo **** in those days).C
That is what 58 CEFO was for.
I can picture my sergeants face now if I'd turned up wearing summat different coz I felt like it - purple I think it would have been....
Had an old 72 pattern lightweight assault vest, bravo two zero stylee, that I sold for a completely 'king ridiculous price on eBay a few years ago... Is that what the OP is thinking of?


Some used to wear chest rigs in NI - around 1985/6 onwards. I am pretty sure they were private purchase from Arktis.

If you need something Boris3098 on here will sort you out.


Isn't that one of the 6 inch warriors that @JoeCivvie posts from time to time?

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