SLR Camera lense unwinds - is it buggered or am I missing a switch somewhere

Mr Happy

Hi ya'll,

I'm a camera biff and got given a D70 with quite a large lense on it, 18mm-300mm odd. When i point the camera downwards direction the lense extends as per gravity. I presume, like my other lenses this should not happen and it is a fault of whatever should provide a bit of resistance being broken.

Any ideas and recommendations, I can live with it, just seems a bit of a pain some times.
As you said, its just gravity taking the heavy glass elements and extending it. I had a Canon L 24-70mm f/2.8 (which is one of the best and more expensive lenses) which did exactly the same, and it was serviced regularly.

Don't fret, but just watch out if you've got it slung on your back as you can easily dink it against something and put out the alignment!
It's normal with heavy lenses - some modern lenses have a catch to prevent it happening whilst the lens is being carried (the Nikon 18-200 VRII for example, a superb lens by the way), but you have to disengage the catch to use the lens on any but the shortest focal length.

You could carry it in a case to stop this and/or prevent knocking it against things.

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