SLR and Matchsticks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sabre, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. Many moons when i was trained on the faithfull SLR, i heard a rumour
    that if you put a matchstick in a certain place you could turn the SLR from a one pull one shot into a full Auto.

    Now i know the SLR use to kick like a Mule even from one shot being fired if it wasnt held properally and god knows, i had gone through a few pairs of glasses where the rifle had kicked and the iron sight had came back and cracked the lenes on my glasses before i learnt my lesson, but i have always wondered if this is true.

    Can any of the fellow Arrses shed any light on this?

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  2. OMG Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Your about to receive mate 9,0000 posts from Ugly and some ex- Rohdeeeeeeesian types.
    Cutaway is about to give you a Ph.D in weapon modification
  3. Well if you never ask, you'll never know
  4. True, done it with blanks, wouldn't like to try it with ball. Don't know what the bit was called (sear?), since mere squaddies were not supposed to delve so deep into the SLR innards.

    I heard someone on a range did 5 rounds grouping in one burst, after they'd forgotten to remove the mod after the last exercise.

    There was also a simultaneous rumour going around, along with many other dodgy stories (eg the AK47 fires NATO rounds but we can't fire AK rounds, wet-blanket-SMG, etc). This rumour placed the matchstick behind the firing pin, which would make it a slam-bolt-fire runaway 20-round uncontrollable scarey type thing. I wonder if any deluded squaddies tried that one.
  5. Never tried it myself, but I've certainly heard of it.

    Having tried shooting the G3 on auto once or twice, I can say that it would probably have been a monster to control.
  6. :D :D :D :D

    You forgot STOATMAN :twisted:
  7. Yup,

    Compo bookmatch under the spring loaded sear...

    Good for blank on exercise, but a bit lively with ball! You could, with practice, squeeze off a 3-4 round burst, but the impact point would climb up the target. Best I ever did on Fig 11 was 4 hits - all t' rest over the top.

    Folk used to rig their gat for doing enemy on an ex and forget to remove the match afterwards. Next time on the range, opens with half a mag over the butts....oops!
  8. A folded coke can tab fixed it for me.
  9. yep, i've heard of that, never seen it because i'm far to young to have played with the SLR. also heard from the same guy that told me about the matchstick trick, was that LMG mags would fit on there as well, and if you held the SLR upside down (gravity fed mags) you then had a 30 round capacity
  10. Did he ask you to pull his finger too?

    The LMG mags fitted, but they weren't gravity fed, so you didn't have to hold the rifle upside down.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    It depended on the age of the mag and the spring.
    Older ones tended to cause stoppages with partial feeds after
    25 rounds or so.

    The upside down trick is not a myth at all!
  12. Fired an fn fal on full auto fun but pointless .Not going to admit to matchstick trick just in case :D .
  13. Don't worry Woody, we ran out of room on your charge sheet a long time ago.
  14. you place a bit of matchstick (or whatever) under the disconnector sear that sits inside the trigger to hold it down and the rifle is full auto.

    fun with blank but compleate waste of ammo in real life as theres not enough weight in the rifle to make it controllable to use.
  15. The last bloke I saw with a LMG mag on his gat was the G10 driver staging on the pan bash, but not content with that he had two of the buggers taped together! This was when if we were lucky we would only get twenty blanks each. Still it gave the stick man some one to moan at! :D