Slowest time for a PFT run

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by phil37, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Tried a PFT this morning - last one being 2 years ago. Got 13:27 which is nearly 2 minutes over what I'm allowed. My fastest time was in 1998 when I came in at 9:01.
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I started one in 1992 and am yet to finish it.
  3. Saw one young! TA recruit come in at a staggering 15mins :censored:
  4. 13:27? You fat f*ck
  5. That's a coincidence. Did you set off at 8:45 too? :D
  6. We have a 3km PFT run, and insane amounts of time to do it in, but the slowest I've seen was an 18 year old girl in my old platoon who 'ran' it in just over 22 and a half minutes.
  7. Slowest I ever did a bft is 12 mins @ Headley Court, didn't stay 12 mins for long. :D
  8. When I did my first ever TA training weekend, a fellow OCdt came in necking with me at 10:22 (yeah, I know, I've got better)... thing is, he only did one lap- and got away with it...
  9. Last i remember, BFT, ICFT, PFA . Any more for anymore?
  10. A lad of 19 ran 13:20 tonight. Mine tonight was so sh t it's classified ;) but it was a damn sight faster than him!
  11. I must admit, 12 mins with no legs does seem a good effort.
  12. Ooooh, nasty. Only 1 broken one, but there was a 9 Para Capt @ 12 RSME who could do 8 mins with one leg and a falsie.
  13. Got my second slowest time this morning - 12:52. An improvement on yesterday's 13:27. I'd like to think that I'm not yet a lost cause.
  14. No mention of the old urban legend this far..........

    QSMI PTI to failed BFT candidate "Get a fcuking grip, you've got a week for the next BFT!"
    Candidate - " Well thank you very much staff, that's very generous of you. I only get 10 minutes at my unit".
  15. When I went to Pirbright for my initial assessment I did my mile and a half in 13.55, 14 was the pass point.

    Unfortunately as it turned out army docsa had other reasons to fail me other than sh1t fitness!