Slow Recruitment Process!!!!

Hi , I have recently applied to join the army as a regular, I have done the barb test and role finder tasks emailed to me but the whole process seems to be taking forever! Sent my application off beginning of march! currently waiting for a csm to be appointed to myself, anyone know if theres any way to speed the process up a bit?
Its the RN thats trying to get my young lass to join them, saying she'll have more opportunities for an apprenticeship than the RAF. Now my oldest son has applied for the RAF also, I fecking hope he gets accepted soon he's a pain in the arse and needs some focus. But to answer the OP is just ask your recruitment office when there next basic 10 week training course is due to start.

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To be fair I hadn't really thought about the RN or RAF, I will try ringing the office though feels as if every step is taking ten times longer than it should! especially when my mate in the Paras flew though last year!
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