Slow Recruiting ?

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I moved back from France just before Christmas, filled out my first application form at my local AFCO start of January, got it sent off, did my BARB a few weeks after and sent off my medical, then I heard nothing until 2 weeks ago when I got an e-mail for another medical form, so I got it sent off immediately. As I was wondering how long it would take I went on to the British Army website and onto the live chat, the woman who responded said it should take 2-5 weeks for them to get back to me for the e-mail Medical form (They said the same for the initial medical form..) and the whole process from stage 1 to stage 15, should be 4-5 months. I'm on step 5, after 5 months. (And step 6 being "The Recruiting Response Team will issue online tests via e mail, Numerical, verbal reasoning & Psychometric" Isn't that pretty much what the BARB is for ? )
Anybody else having this problem ?
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