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Slow night, but always good for a laugh!

Well im on the look for a girl friend i knowi sad doing it this way but doing it this way means i get to meet other ppl and make new friends and maybe might meet a girl who i really like who knows.
Any way im 20 yr 8th september 1985 i was born grow up in childrens homes all my life, my mum drinks to much my dad couldnt give a toss about never seen so never wanted im in the Army my regiment is The Parachute Regiment for youbthat dont know it is the most respectedand the BEST Rigiment in the world to be in, look it up if you want, im tall SLIM but toned blue eyes short hair (brown blondy hair) live in central London in my own flat i only ride motorbikes.



Someones bored. He's a nugget, but he's not that out of date. Every pic and everything on there is lifted from when he first got outed on here.

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