Slow Legs?! Help!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Soozi, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, I'm just after a bit of advice!

    I regularly run 3 miles, occasionally do 5-6 miles and try once a week to do interval training. On the 3 miles I run at the same pace as my longer runs, because I'm struggling to get my legs to move faster. I'm now at a point where I can't get myself knackered therefore am not improving my fitness, but I can't seem to get my legs to go any quicker!

    Any thoughts?

    (Panicking a tad, because I start basic next month and haven't improved my 1.5 mile much since ADSC) :oops:
  2. What are your interval sessions?
    How about proper fartleks and speed training?

    Seems like you must have a good fitness base already so, tail off the heavy sessions rest plenty and have a proper bash at speedwork.

    Give us a run down of what you're normal week looks like matey
  3. Monday

  4. On a serious note, do you do stretching exercises? If you spend 20 mins everyday stretching your legs, you will find you can run faster as your muscles have a greater range of movement.
  5. You sarky git! :-D
  6. Monday - 3 miles
    Tuesday - strength training
    Wednesday - interval training
    Thursday - swim/strength (one or the other
    Friday - 3 miles
    Saturday - rest
    Sunday - 6 miles or a walk up a big hill!!!!!

    For my intervals I use a treadmil, and 10 min warm up, followed by 1 min high intensity, 1 min recovery, 2 min high int., 2 min recovery, 3 min high int, 3 min recovery... and then back down in reverse order.

    I try to follow the 'Fighting Fit' programme by Adrian Weile (sp?), and use the army issued wall programme for the strength training.

    Overall, I'm happy with my fitness - I can plod all day, and have no problems with two sessions a day, I just can't get my speed up (I do have the shortest legs in the world though!!!)

    I've taken on board your comment of missing out the longer run - do you think thats detrimental, or just a waste, because of what I'm trying to achieve?
  7. Really? I do stretch well after excercise (I learned the hard way, and picked up an injury that took ages to fix, so now I do it properly!), so is your recommendation based on after a work out, or at another time?
  8. I would do a whole session of stretching if required. Take a day off running, and stretch instead.

    Stretching will make your muscles move further, and easier, making you quicker.

    Stretch as often as you can, you will see improvements in range of movement quickly. Take your time though. Don't "bounce" when stretching, try not to rip anything.
  9. Cheers, that sounds like a simple solution! I'll give it a whirl later today! :D
  10. Just the intervals. I'm actually getting to enjoy running in the rain! :D
  11. Interesting thread, I am having the same problem. On the bleep test my speed allways fails me before my lungs do. I am also a short arrse although its not really an excuse, although coincidentally, like you, I have no problems with long distances but speed it a killer.

    I have been doing hill repeats and I find they work pretty well. I also do the exact same treadmill workout (2, 3, 4, 3, 2 mins at 14kmph with same recovery periods of 8kmph in between).

    Apparently doing weight training on the lower body helps reduce the time each foot spends on the ground which can help improve times. I guess it makes sense that stronger legs can move faster.

    I also do alot of cross training on the stationary bike, rower, cross trainer, and stepper which I find helps target muscles that running doesnt always work, and I have noticed a bit of a difference when running, and also a huge reduction in pain/injuries.

    This is all very non scientific so if anyone can help more, I would love to hear their advice.

  12. Hes right, streching increases the flexibilty of muscles increasing range of movement and also protecting against injury. Strech before you run aswell as after. What injury did you pick up?
  13. A very painful shin - struggled to just stand on it for weeks, took months to heal fully, to be able to run pain free.
  14. Sounds like you need to get those 'fast twitch' muscles working.

    Standing jump over a low hurdle is good, on soft ground though
    Stride jumps.

    Anything to work those quick muscles quickly