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I've recently installed Norton Internet Security 2008 on my PC to replace an out-of-date version on Panda 2007. Since then I've noticed a marked slow-down in the speed that I can download files to my computer. I pay for the Tiscali 2MBs package. This PC connects wirelessly to a 2Wire router - the whole system was pretty rapid before I changed to Norton.

I tried to download a 700Mb file tonight and the Firefox download manager quoted about 4 hours. Sod this, I thought, and plugged my work laptop (which doesn't use Norton) directly into the router. The same file took 1 and a half hours to download.

Is there any way to increase my file download speed with Norton? I really don't want to change anti-virus over this matter as I don't download that much stuff.

Thanks in advance for any help.
I agree with Jaybee, Norton is a resource hog. I used to use Norton but switched some time ago to a combination of AVG antivirus and Comodo firewall, both of which are free and I have found them both far superior.

Comodo can be a pain at times especially when you first install it due to all the popups confirming actions, but the longer you have it installed the less popups you get (because it is learning what you allow and disallow)
Seeing as you have a router, there is no real need to run a firewall on your PC.

You can run the inbuilt windows XP firewall (which should be default) fine using a wireless router and not have problems as long as you run anti-virus software and have your wireless setup configured with WEP/WPA.

I consider Norton/Symantec products to be malware and the devil incarnate bearing in mind the issues I and many others have experienced.


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Get rid of Nortons - used to be good, but now it's cr@p.

ESET Smart Security is the dogs danglies.
Interceptor said:
msr said:
Seeing as you have a router, there is no real need to run a firewall on your PC.

I bow down to your superior knowledge, MSR. But how the heckers does that work?
Routers have firewalls built into the firmware, i.e it will block any ports apart from the ones you tell it to open, personally I use a combo of Windows firewall and a router and it's fine. Norton is basically "bloatware" it's crap, overzealous and even though it is overzealous it often misses things. AVG is definately the way to go and if you really want to pay for an internet security package then id suggest AVG Pro, NOD32 or Kasperky (spelling?).

Edit: If you are going to download large files on a regular basis I might also suggest locating your Tiscali CD and the nearest bin and then sign up to a decent provider, Tiscali have one of the strictest and worst "fair usage" policies I have ever seen.
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