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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by chasndave, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. Ladies & Gents

    I'm moving to a new job in about 2 months time where I'll be escaping the confines of living in the Mess and moving back into my own pad.

    I've never used a slow cooker before, but speaking to mates who have I get the impression they are quite a good thing - "fire and forget", cheap to use etc etc. So I've decided to get myself one and experiment accordingly, and I'm after a few recommendations:

    Which type to buy? From my v basic Google-based research I gather you can spend anything from £10 to £100 on one.

    Recipes - all and any suggestions gratefully received.

    Do's and dont's - what not to use it for (sensible suggestions please!!)

    Thanks in advance for your help

  2. I thought his thread was going to be about slop jockeys with a hangover
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  3. Get a model with a high and low setting and experiment. I like to brown all the stuff off to give it a bit of colour, stick it all in and basically evening meal is made. You can leave it on low for a few hours and go for a walk.

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  4. Cheap and as suggested a high/low setting.
    Roughly on my electric tariff an oven uses 30p an hour, slow cooker about 1p or less.
    A sauce/stock won't thicken, make it as thick as you want it.
    Try something dead simple to get you going. Slice some carrots, onions, make some bisto gravy, put in the slow cooker, add some stewing steak. Turn on, leave most of the day, doesn't matter how long but probably six hours or longer. Season and eat.
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  5. Cheers blokes

    I think I'll treat myself to a £20 Asda special and see how I go.
  6. It'll probably have a few recipes inside. Good for making big batches of stuff for freezing or having friends round.
    Favourite cuts of mine are shin beef, the cheapest cut of beef but has the most flavour. It needs long cooking or it's tough as boots. Don't cut any of the fat or gristle off as it'll make the gravy lovely as it melts into the stock. Brisket also ******* lovely. Both more flavour than steak and cheap.
  7. we treated ourselves to a 30-40 quid model , use it 2-3 times a week and it has been going strong for over a yer now .
    what I like to do in it at the end of the week , is have a look what I have left in cupboards , before the next big shop, and just throw it all in ......instead of gravy , I sometimes use chopped tomatoes and a bit of vegstock
  8. I like to use pork shoulder and sausages work a treat as well
  9. Coq au vin works well.
  10. Might be worth asking a friendly mod to merge both threads, as they have the same thread title.

    Btw, slow cookers make a great rice pudding and very easy too!
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  11. use very little liquid, as nothing escapes the cooker and it keeps all the flavour's in.

    Last time I mentioned cooking lamb in a slow cooker, I was branded a philistine on here :(
  12. as stated cheap ones are great as long as they have high low off button I picked one up in Feb in the uk for 15 quids at morrisons. As R19 says rice puds great and I am of the bung it in a leave it camp never brown the meat cause I am to lazy normally sling a bottle of cheap beer in rather than water but wine works just as well. Can always use cheap cuts of meat as well which saves even more money
  13. I always cover the meat to make sure I've enough gravy as I'll probably be eating it all week.
    Day one probably with dinner, day two with chips, day three add Chorizo and chilli, etc etc.
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  14. I used to think this kitchen stuff all came from the same factory. Since getting to the UK I'd say avoid Supermarket brand electricals. Mrs NobbyD got through 2 Tesco toasters in a month before going brand name, and a hand blender lasted less than a week

    My Tefal slow cooker has about 17 years on it now and the only knackered bit is the melted plastic where an ex girlfriend put it on a hob that was still hot, and the writing on the switch has worn off. It gets used probably three times a week during the winter for curry, stew, chilli etc, and for a weekly/fortnightly curry during the summer - for 17 years or so now

    Get one with High/Low/Auto