Slovenly Paras

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bodacious, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. What a shower of SH£T the Paras are. Can't be arsed to salute, shamble around, usually to be found lolling on the grass outside the Merville barracks armoury cleaning weapons on any given afternoon (looking like they're having a picnic in the sunshine), culturally aloof/hostile to all fellow servicemen from any other Regt/service.

    The irony of it is, they still think they're above everyone else, and wear nothing but maroon T-shirts! Most disappointed with what I've seen of them after 3 years serving in Colchester.
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  2. Nice try, fuck off.
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  3. So I take it a maroon lid shagged your missus?
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  4. That's a hefty sentence - what did you do? Or did you mean serving big mac and fries?

    It is indeed the silly season :roll:
  5. Do you work in the spa across the road?
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  6. Cock off you cunting cock
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  7. Hmmm - seven posts in 6 years....


  8. That's the phrase I was looking for ...
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  9. I'd ask why this was posted in Juniors, but it's academic, since it will soon be Holed.
  10. Because he has the mentality of a six year old downie.
  11. My word. How far things have fallen when our Airborne elite are getting shit from the TA Laundry Boys.

    They're only slovenly because you are shit at your job of dhobi-ing their kit.

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  12. And rightly so. The fucking chod.
  13. So you have a problem with soldiers maintaining their equipment, having a unit / brigade ethos, and having pride in their abilities? I'd be concerned if a unit didn't think that they were better than their contemporaries.

    If their behaviour was that objectionable, did you speak to them or their seniors to address it? Thought not.

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  14. I'm with you fella.

    Its a bally outrage, I mean they don't even iron their own parachutes anymore.
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