Slopping out payments for inmates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Akira, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. They cant be serious..... :? nah theyre 'avin a laugh... its a 'red nose' day put up.... it is isent it? please say it is......
  2. Memory says one 'Andy Macnab" had to slop out with his tongue. Wonder if the PC lawyers will get him sum conpensasion. (PUN)
    Shirley Cherry will be on the case.
  3. The blood boils. What next, compensation for married inmates who cannot perform their conjical duties? Compensation for women inmates because they can't go shopping? Compensation for rastas for not being able to smoke blow?

    How about compensation for society who has banged these criminals up for a reason and deserves to be free of them for a good amount of time.
  4. Nah, they can do that :evil:
  5. The worst thing is that the crown prosecution service have decided to pay out on a number of cases without even taking the case to court. Talk about good money wasted on bad rubbish!

    The one who started it off was a convicted robber who complained that slopping out his own urine caused his excema to flair up! 8O :roll: :p :D

    I cant believ how soft we are becoming in Britain. Where else on earth would this happen? Not even france would take this sort of sh1t from prisoners!

  6. Does that mean I can claim psychological damages for having D & Vs which caused me to vomit and then take a crap in a black bag in front of the OCs O gp (because we didnt have chemical toilets.) Spare me please.................we'll BE GIVING THEM COMPENSATION FOR LOCKING THEM UP NEXT..............................................rant over
  7. FFS - what is happening to this sodding country?????????!!!!!!!!