bit like chatting in a black hole at the moment
off to play with the whistles and bells before someone breaks them
yup. and ive benn told the servers are overloaded and to come back later twice. But mainly, i miss my avatar :'(
Just wombling through the site, now where the fu ck am I? .... Ah the NAAFI .... Shit bugger arsehole piss cock fart somebody stole my horse and cart .....
No Auntie censorship so far heh heh heh
I feel like I've moved into a new accomodation block. Everything is in the wrong place and I feel disorientated.
Lets playIs this still shoutingI know I,m acting like a window licker but it's all new andshiny:rolleyes::confused:
Feeling a little lost and lonely - like you say, bit like first few days in a new posting, soon will feel like an old sweat again
Steam pressure is very low here, Mod,s need to keep shoveling then we'll soon be back to normal.
Pretty in 'ere, innit? I don't think anything is that a refelction of my pace or the computers?
I've just noticed that I've got three milk bottle tops...what gives?
Yup - only three - dunno what they mean, and no indication of being a contributor/site supporter as mentioned on the cover - so what does three gongs indicate, as opposed to five?
Its like some sort of crappy, chat, friend, kids group thing.

Is this to keep us young and trendy?
what does three gongs indicate, as opposed to five?
Three-fifths of whatever it meant in the first place...

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