Sloe Gin

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by bangalore, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. For those who haven't tried this - it's a very sweet liquer (almost like cough syrup) that's easily made and in a taste test last christmas (where we got through 2 litres in an evening) it proved to be a lot better than the Gordons version.

    This was the best recipe I found for anyone who wants a go - the most difficult part is finding the sloes - unless you're in Norn Iron then they are all over the place!


  2. For those like me, working in hot, sandy places where you can't get a bottle of real gin, I give you...... [/b]JEDDAH GIN.


    12 x oranges
    12 x lemons
    3 kg potatoes
    5 kg sugar
    10 litres water
    1 tsp yeast

    Wash and slice fruit and vegetable, leaving the skins on.
    Boil up the water.
    Dissolve sugar in some of the water and add fruit and potatoes.
    Add remainder of the water and allow to cool, and then add yeast.
    Leave for 7 days, stirring occasionally.
    Leave to settle for 3 days.
    Remove solids and leave 2 more days.
    Rack until clear, then bottle.

    Tastes disgusting, but it's better'ern nowt! :D

    Back to UK this Friday for a couple of weeks getting reaquainted with the real stuff!!
  3. I tried your recipe last night. After drinking the half litre of gin I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do next :oops:
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  4. Fek! my PC has just drowned in a shower of brew!

    Well you have to test it, just to made sure it's of the correct quality of Gin required, a single glass won't tell you that!
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Buy cheap cash and carry gin, get a pound of sugar for every pound of sloes, if you havent picked them after the frost then fling them in the deep freeze overnight. Prick with a pin after rinsing all the maggots and leaves off.
    get some big preserving jars from Lakeland. Put a pound of sloes, a pound of sugar and any cheap clear spirit in to top it off. Seal and agitate daily for a month, weekly for a month then draw off once the sugar has dissolved.
    this should be about late november.
    Dont whatever you do chuck away the sloes.
    Strain the spirit through a cheap muslin cloth and bottle with more lakeland sloe gin bottles, ID and date is good on a label.
    The old sloes need to go back into a jar again and tip over as much really cheap port as possible. Leave this for months, strain and bottle. That is nectar!

    Whatever you do leave it for at least a year before drinking! Ask around my sloe booze comes with recommendations from several arrsse lushes.

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  6. Completely agree: a simple smooth gin that's not too pungent - forget Gordon's. One pound of sloes and one pound of sugar for each bottle of gin.

    I find caster sugar works best but I dissolve it in the gin before adding the sloes. Straining is essential to avoid sludge (this is where dissolving the sugar helps as well), strain twice after cleaning the cloth if necessary. I leave them for 3 months (turning as described) before bottling and then leave the bottles for at least three months after that, unless there is a Christmas tasting session like the one bangalore attended, which demands a quicker turnaround.

    I've never heard of this one before, will try it on my next batch, when I am back in the land of the sloe.

  7. Only problem is there's a severe shortage of sloes this year. I'm very glad that I have 2007, 2006 & 2005 vintages in store at the moment (a demijohn of the first and a small splash of the last...)
  8. I could only find enough sloes for one bottle! Glad I "made hay while the sun shone" for the last few years or we would be in trouble.

    I blame Gordon Brown.....
  9. They are supposed to be picked after the "first frost" of the year. Supposedly it makes them taste better.................
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It means that they burst in the jar and release the colour quicker!
  11. With the weather we've been having this year, that will be in September then :)
  12. Was preparing the this years batch over the weekend with my dad, when we put it in it's usual place in the pantry, we discovered a bottle of last years (well we presumed it was last years?) that had been forgotten so we decided to try it. After intially burning a hole through my tongue I found it was very pleasant and slightly syrup like, me and dad finished most of it and were absolutely w@nkered, but i didn't get a hangover and neither did dad so I now believe that sloe gin is magic. We tend to add a couple of tablespoons of honey to our recipe which makes it really nice.

    On a similar vein to the bloke that uses the sloes in the port, we put half in the christmas cake and half in some red wine which will be used for mulled wine, it gives it a bit of a kick.
  13. Once you have decanted the gin, stick the Sloes in some good quality cider for a couple of weeks. Fantastic.
  14. ugly Not tried Port but I have always used cheap supermarket brandy for the second bite of the sloe, sometimes I think it is better than when made with gin.

    Also do not throw away the sloes after this second brew, remove the stones from the sloes, melt a sufficient quantity chocolate, (I prefer dark chocolate but milk would do) add the gin/brandy soaked sloes allow to cool.
    Produces the most wonderfully warming chocolate, watch it with children though as they can get a liking for it.

    Same techniques can be used for Blackberries and Vodka, though not as much sugar is needed as they are a little sweeter, great advantage of blackberry vodka is that it only takes 3-4 months to mature, though does get better with age if you can wait.

  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Must do that with the choco, need to get out and pick some sloes if it stops raining!