SLNR for Cannabis, can i join any force again

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bazberry, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. hi, i got snlr in 2006 for cannibis. Could i rejoin my old regiment or another force?
  2. I hope not.

    Edited to add: You've asked a dumb question, and technically it's not a wah, thankfully
  3. Yup, Jamaican Defence Force!
  4. nope you carnt as far as i`m aware thats why they ask you if you have any convictions
  5. Chop yer app in for the Windy Ganja Rifles, mucker. They're crying out for geezers like you. :D

  6. Certainly hope not, no luck. Enjoy McD's.
  7. Bazberry - Barry Burberry? My wah senses are tingling :-/
  8. Did you get SNLR from a unit in Germany? Doesn´t make any difference to your question but we had a waste of space kicked out from Germany for being a drug loser.

    Anyway this might help or this.
  9. Try the RAF Regiment.
  10. Oh dear, they locked the "Telegraph RAF Regiment" thread so you just had to find somewhere else to knock one out didn't you? :roll: :evil:
  11. please on a serious note. i know i was gas gas gased at my 5 year point but isnt the T.A an option?