Slipstreaming XP

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Provost, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. XP is approaching the end of support (April 2014, I think.)

    I intend compiling a slipstream installation disk using nLite. Is anyone aware of a one-stop shop for all XP updates and fixes post SP3?

    I have done the obvious thing and trawled the MS site, but the updates and fixes seem to be all over the place and not at all straightforward to compile.
  2. Just ran a couple of scans on the download , they both come up clean(for now)
  3. What's the Remove MDW.cmd all about?
  4. It just deletes the OEM info
  5. is this xp for free?? i buggered up my experinental pc by sticking a cracked 7 on it and it wasnt fully compatible so wouldnt mind i can play connand & conquer!!

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  6. Do a clean install ,(burn a CD from the ISO,boot off the CD, delete & create partitions,install Windows).

    I'm gonna whack this on a VM now and see what happens & report back.
  7. Beaten to it by saucedoctor that's certainly what it seems to be, Malwarebytes isn't throwing a wobbly so I'm reasonably happy with it. Will leave it on my pen drive till I need it. Hopefully not too soon.
  8. cheers sd. will try that :)

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  9. Right. That suggests that the iso includes a pirated OEM copy of XP. Would that be right?
    That would not be a problem as I have a legit installation disk for XP Home. I could just strip out the update files from the ISO to make my own slipstream compilation. However, the blurb on the site seems to relate to XP Professional. Are the updates going to be compatible with XP Home?
  10. Probably. I'll tell you if it runs OK once this VM is up and running. Sun's over the yardarm, so I'm gonna have a swally while it installs. I'll post back presently.
  11. Seems to work fine. System Information confirms SP3, and IE 8.0.6 is in there too.


    I have PM'd interested parties with additional info that I probably shouldn't post here.
  12. Hmmm, I see from a corner of your screenshot that it is XP Professional. I have a legit copy of XP Home and I have no idea whether the updates included in the ISO are going to be compatible.