Slipping standards in the TA


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I find that even banana skins are not as good for slipping on any more.....especially in' TA!


I new a TA Soldier who slipped off the back of a Flat Bed Bedford.  He was off his Civvy Job for months, poor Buggre !!!

I suppose you could say that he slipped to a very high standard  ;D
The Standards are definitely slipping …………. but only at the weekends ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


It pains me that this site seems to be full of whinging STABS, who are nowhere near the elevated skill level of HM Regs and mostly a waste of space, why can't you get a satb who doesn't earn 10 times more than you back home! NOSHERS!
You like the word "nosher" don't you Wayne?
Half of this are stabs,half of that are stabs,half the surgions are stabs,ect,ect,ect--Bin the TA give the money saved to the regs and we can have our own surgeons,ect,ect,ect.

Bonus,we dont have to listen to all these TA "experts" going on and on about profesional attitudes all the time, and how bloody good they are at it (at weekends)

What is it about TA banging on all the time about profesional standards,profesional attitudes,profesional comitment when all the time by their very nature they are non profesional,amature, part time.

If you want to be in the forces why dont you join the forces.

If you are not prepared to do that then you forfit any right to bleat about the job!

Ex regs now in the TA have the right to talk but i would wonder:

A, if your time served and out why on earth would you want to play at soldiers after doing it for real all your lives,

B, if you left before your time was up then you were probably disgruntled about army life or plain couldnt handle it,so why still stick your ore in.

Wannabees that is all the majority of you are,your like the sad gits that buy their clothes from army surplus stores,read combat and survival,go paintballing and have to have tactical doctrine talks before you go in,and bore the pants off everyone you know(appart from other TA of coarse) with your oppinions on the army of today (an institution the majority of you have never been in)

PPPPPPLEASE stick to your own spotters board.


You miss the point.
You are not professional soldiers
You are not as good, nor well trained
You do not have the benefit of experience
So slagging proper servicemen off is offensive
I have never had to endure STABS where it's really hard and hostile, only when the second raters take up the 6 month tours after, and that says something don't it!
Stop criticising things you know bugger all about and have little knowledge of. turning up and mincing around with all the gear and no idea is loads of fun but don't confuse it with real soldiering


PTP-It really isn't worth it. I can understand why you rose to the bait but you are just making them both happy. Common and Wayne are the type of soldiers that embarrass the reg side of life on a constant basis. They've probabaly been on 1 or 2 ops max and friends of friends heard about something hitting the fan near somewhere else which obviously classes them as true warriors. Mind you, listening to them actually makes me realsie that I should personally bow down to the knowledge, wealth of experience and pure warrior breeding that these 2 possess. We really should bow down. The TA counterparts that I have worked with have obviously been bluffing their cases when I've been away with them and were no doubt regs pretending to be TA. That must be it. Lesson lads, look beyond your own Coy and ingrained ignorance at other units around you and you may make yourself better soldiers than you actually think you are. If not you will be confined to being legends in your own minds.


sh1t. Forgot to say that I've worked with the TA before all over the show and I'd be more than happy , and glad, to do it again. Chin up PTP.
Thanks Verdi,

Coming from you mate, that makes me feel a whole lot better.  :D

Wayne, are you actually in the Army?


I was once (recently) the Adjt of the only unit in the army to have both the Regular Army and the TA serving in the same unit (TA Sub unit).

The TA were good.  They provided (and still continue to provide) the highest number of high quality FTRS personnel to the regular army than any other unit.

On Regt battle camps the FTRS were easily capable of blending in with their regular counterparts.


The chance of any formed unit of TA achieving the same standards as the regular army just dont exist.  It's just the same as me doing a part time 'traders job in Canary Wharf at the same time as holding down my current staff appointment and having a worthwhile and financially rewarding outut.  It just can't happen.  If any regular officer can refute this then I challenge you to a duel.
Leaving the Regs and going to the TA is very popular. Lots of guys leave because they wish to have jobs that pay better. Doing the TA thing is money for old rope and an easy way to meet up with likeminded individuals.

I’ve been both Reg and TA  and to coin a phrase have met many Noshers in both areas. Fact is the TA are a specialist group who will inevitable never be as well rounded in mil skills as their regular counterparts but the said truth is that we actually need them to off set the manning deficit that Regs currently find themselves in. Many TA soldiers can do what is required of them on an Op tours but normally in one specific area or trade but they are no worse than the old and bold in their platoon/troops.

TA is here to stay just get used to it and try and help develop the ones you work with so they won’t make the same mistakes next time.
Verdi and PTP i do appologise if you object to me not kissing TA arses and spouting with joy and rapture at their profesionalism.

Merely stating that if you are not a profesional-you are not a profesional!!

As for my own amount of or level of experience Verdi i dont think it appropriate for you to equate my experience level with my personal oppinion on this site ,which after all is here to voice oppinions.

IF you dont like my oppinion that is one thing but personal insults show your true childish nature and do not add weight to your argument ,rather it detracts from it ;D


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A small point, but an important one i think.

If the TA soldiers are so unprofessional, then why do they regularly do better than the majority of "Regular" professionals on Milan, SF and Mortar concentrations?? Bearing in mind that they cannot train full time for it?

or how about Cambrian Patrol?

If ignorance is bliss,then some of you are definately residing in paradise.
To my eternal shame L_G I forgot all about an SF team from my Regiment that came FIRST beating the Airborne in the process.....


and the Cambrian Patrol, which according to everyone that takes part,and the publicity gumpf is the toughest patrol competition in the world

So how come Part Time unproffessional soldiers are taking Medal positions? The Cambrian is not just about lugging too much weight for too far. It's about alertness, Milskills etc.

One of our teams placed highly enough to have the SAS try and headhunt them. They must have been thinking how unprofessional they were, when they made the offer....  ;D

We recently had some FTRS come back from spudside. The letter that followed them from the OC over the water, has been put up for all to see, take note and pride in. Without labouring the point, they're welcome back, as soon as they want it. They were noted for their enthusiasm, keeness and "can do" attitude.

But waht would a Regular Army OC know Rif-Raf?

Edit...... Sorry, I forgot, the TA also has/had the best female shot in the British Army  ;D


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Maybe they're just fed up with the amount of field time that TA soldiers get (practicing how do the job professionally), compared to having to spend vast amounts of time training to be firemen, (or shortly any public sector employee!) or slobbing round barracks trying to find something to do.

Or maybe they've forgotten that in the last 2 world wars it was the TA that pulled the regular army's arrse out the fire.

Or that so many of the logistics services that the regular army need to go and build sandcastles in the Gulf are going to come from the TA.

Don't know and don't care frankly, but the attitude that drives this blinkered arrogance stinks.

Trog: All i have to say is ARAB's.
Oh dear!  The age old "debate" rages on.  There will always be those regulars who can only slag off the TA and there will always be those "Terriers" who will constantly over state the effectiveness of the TA.  A few simple facts:

·      The TA are here to stay.
·      The TA can only be as good as the training & funding they receive (Regulars & MoD take note)
·      The TA cannot be as good as the regulars with only 1/12th the training days.
·      All Army units, regular and TA, will have stars and oxygen wasters in their number.
·      The vast majority of TA soldiers would have joined the regulars if they had actually wanted to be regulars.  However, we didn't and so we haven't.
·      The most of the country does not give a stuff about the Army or the Armed Forces in general.  They do not stand in awe as a squaddy passes by, as some members here seem to think.  Therefore, when the sh1t hits the fan, the TA is all you will get.

The moral of the story, if the TA are doing things wrong instead of sniping from the flanks, give them the benefit of your experience and help put things right.  However, no matter how valid your message and experience if it is delivered in an ARAB format you will be doing no one any good.

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