Slipknot on MTV...

Feisty little bunch, aren't they?

Good to see some effort put into a SHOW.
LoneTree said:
I,m well old enough to know better but I am partial to a bit of thrash metal now & then (probally a throw back to my punk days). This paticular track rocks my boat. My only question I have is... Which one is MDN ?? My betting on the drummer who manages to w4nk his own nose off !! Enjoy....

Bollocks, you are never too old for metal, at the Lamb of God concert there were more then a few guys 50+ rocking the shit..... 8)

You keep chugging old man :D
dingerr said:
Now that made I laugh.
check out Fur TV, the series has been played on MTV over the last year its a good laugh.

you dont get the full episodes watching on the offical link above.
but if you were to look on the torrents you could find all of the full series. not that i know anything about that type of behaviour of cource.

Fat Eds band "Stink Hole" is really a brit outfit called 'Panic Cell' check them out on the tube. good stuff.
strange guys, but fooking awesome live!!!!

never seen someone w*nking their nose before. certainly an experience never to forget.

still have nightmares =(
Old rockers never die, they just smell like it!!!
I'm 46 and still go to see Motorhead at the front of the mosh pit, the lord Lemmy is 63 - I believe - this year and he still plays it loud enough to shake yer fillings out of yer teeth... :D
This type of music has to be played VERY VERY VERY loud, I wish I could afford a detached house then put two terrace houses on the ends for speakers..... :lol:

BORING BIT....I wonder if kids listened to rock -AC/DC, Motorhead, Iron Maiden etc (not the stuff going on about death etc with names like Blood Spill/Mega Trashed Bodies-who would probably faint if they ever came accross a corpse!!!!!-) instead of that god awful R & B, RAP and other boring rubbish there'd be less stabbings/killings of the kids on the streets
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