Slip Me Some Skin, Daddy!

Cashing in the Tats?

Who knew?

A Swiss man has sold an elaborate Virgin Mary tattoo on his back to a German 'collector' [no Nazi/skin jokes, please!! - well.. if you must ], with the understanding that it can be exhibited three times a year. Zurich gallery owner, Jutta Nexdorf claims this is a unique transaction [ ya think? ]

the Tat fetched $ 225 thou US . The other main stipulation is that the 35 hour ink creation can be ' removed' from the bearer's skin upon death and handed over to its ' owner '. The purchaser will also be allowed to sell the tattoo.

Proceeds from the sale are being shared by the gallery, the tattoo bearer, Tim Steiner, and the Belgian artist who created the 'artwork ', Wim Delvoye [ copyright, dont' ya know ]...

Seen some pretty impressive skinsketching in my time, didn't know there could be resale market in these, though... might be worth hunting down some of the better stuff etched on chavs and other bottom dwellers and tearing a strip off them in the interest of preserving art...

"M'lud, wasn't beating the sh!te for puking on my shoes.. I was trying to protect a work of art from further damage.. The 2X4 was for building a frame, honest..."
this is old news...............

the maoris got a lot of muskets for the preserved tattooed heads of their enemys,
it became quite an industry to supply the victorian collectors.

This isn't an Elizabeth Fritzl thread, then? I'll just put these tissues away.
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