Slingsby challenge

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. Posted in here due to better coverage from more warped people :D

    In an effort to boost the funds for the GPRA prior to Christmas, and in additon to the thtree crawsl and other activities going on with the bear himself, its been decided the little fcuker is going on another climb.

    Slingsby and his surrogate parents, (Cait and I) will be climbing Helvellyn with the bear in a bergan.

    We are prepared to climb with a couple of bergans, to be filled with items of the NAAFI bar clientelles choice.

    ie, You suggest and item and say how much you are prepared to donate if we get it to the summit and take pictures. For example we've already been offered £20 for a piccy of us all in a paddling pool with arm bands on......

    Keep the ideas relatively sensiblish, as we have to get whatever the item you suggest in a bergan then up a 3000ft big fcuking hill :D


    I will personally refund anyone who may bid an amount for a piccy of me hanging out of Caits back doors while Mr Slingsby gives my tackle a lapping
  2. flourescent speedos, get a photo of you on the summit wearing them and i'll donate £20!!
  3. Just seeing a pic of MDN haul his globulous arrse higher than a kitchen stool is worth any of my money!

    £30 notes to see Cait with a black strap-on and MDN giving it a nosh.
  4. Done.

    Ideally keep it to something we can fit in a bergan, MDN had originally suggested an exercise bike, until i introduced the limp wristed snapper to one and he back pedaled. :D
  5. He will have never seen an exercise bike!

    Cait, make sure the strap on is at least 12''. Ask MDN, his bottom draw has a vast selection so Aunty Stella told me.
  6. Mad Jock McSlingsby (as he likes to be known now) reckons that's a poofy wee hill and so has persuaded his Uncle Abacus to give you £20 for a photo of a Ben Nevis Postcard on top of Helvellyn - he has taken size into account and the total weight is "less than a wet fart" apparently. (His Auntie Liz has been teaching him some choice phrases I must say 8O but then I never got custody of the wee furry beast) (Slingsby did!) hehehe
  7. A nice little stroll in the countryside indeed. I'll throw £10 at Flash's Strap-on photos idea :lol:

    Nicer in the summer.
  8. If I can think of anything I will post it later but I will donate £30 to the charity in any event, happy trekking to you both :wink:
  9. £20 to see a pic of Cait and Mighty snogging with tongues on summit. £30 if showing Mighty touching Caits tits whilst kissing, £50 if all above with Caits hand down the front of Mightys keks rubbing his John Thomas.
  10. So a dildo a post card and an inflatable paddling pool, still plenty of room in the bergan...

    At this rate I won't even have to carry one :D

    Gunny, as keen and game as I am, I can't see Mr Cait being my best oppo if that were to happen (still not bothered and game though :D)
  11. £25 for MDN to be wearing an item of tartan on top of the said hill. We all know he loves the porridge wogs and is proud of his sons new nick name!!
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    It would clash with the Welsh woman's sugar-loaf hat he'll be wearing for another £20.-
  13. All a deal so far.... but you may have to help me sourcing one of those at short notice.... WTF is it?
  14. £20 to see Cait wearing an RAF beret on top of the hill.
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    £50 for a picture of Cait in a Wicked Weasel bikini and MDN in a pair of silver hotpants, at the summit of Hellvelyn (or however the motherfucking fück it's spelled).

    Oddly enough, I have a spare, brand spankers, unused Wicked Weasel in my possession which can easily be dispatched oop north for the event.