Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Hugh_Jardon, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Now, I've heard the Paras (or is it the bootnecks?) don't really like/use the sling for the SA80, but I wasn't aware the same went for normal infantry units- Opinions on the sling anyone? Apologies if there's already been a similar topic, but I've just come off a field weekend and we were forbidden to wear them (I'm in training, TA Inf). Not bitching, just wondering.
  2. How else are you going to dig that choccie bar outof your webbing whilst holding a fag in the other hand :?
  3. Hi

    Its a personal preference or tactical situation issue.
    There will be times when you need a sling (in harbours or on street patrol when needing to conduct vehicle searches etc). And there will be times when they get in the way such as section attacks or conventional patrolling at times.

    Issues like this in training tend to be instructor whim or preference.

    Either way there will be times when common sense must prevail either way.

  4. Slings have always been a vexed question. As to the SA80's fitness for purpose I have no problems with it - once somebody showed me how to use it to its full potential! However as a young infantry recruit we were forbidden to use slings on our SLRs - to encourage us to hold them properly and in a soldierly manner. We were only allowed to put the slings on for range-work. Fieldcraft/battlecraft and everything else they were forbidden until you were a TS. Made me the man I am today! Yes nurse, I'm coming for my medicine...
  5. The no slings rule is probably simply to add extra buggeration factor in training. As Baz says, they have their place in the real world.
  6. Fair one. Bit of a pain on the CFT though, buggered up my wrist...
  7. I found that the loose end of the L85 sling was prone to getting into the ejection port!

    They were all new at the time so there wasn't much chance of cutting them about. Slings are definitely useful but need to be readily removable in seconds not minutes.
  8. Surely they are? I mean, I can 8)
  9. I preferred a custom job similar to the old SLR sling when I had to but normally never fitted it anyway, especially when armoured as the bloody thing kept getting caught
  10. Your weapon should be in your hands... not slung across your body. I used to make my troopies remove their slings... especially the grenadiers as the damned thing has a disturbing habit of draping in front of the M203's muzzle. While it's kind of funny on a range firing TPT (orange powder filled training/practice round) to see a kid's weapon launch itself out of his hands as he's enveloped in a puff of orange, the same can be considered very disturbing with HEDP or bounding frag ammunition. Only exception was my SAW gunners... they would get too fatigued during movement without the shoulder sling but as soon as contact was made...

    One huge peeve of mine... top slings on the M16... they can slip and prevent the charging handle from being drawn fully back as well as dammage the front sight.
  11. I keep it fixed, wrapped round and pulled tight meself so it's out the way but there if you need it. Don't wanna be farting about if you get a cas or have to cross obstacle of some sort.
    Personal pref really
  12. Slings!
    Only time i hate it is in the prone....or crawling....
    Otherwise..great bit of kit!
  13. Hi,
    Sorry to but in,
    But have you come across that you are not aloud to use the Sling on a CFT?
    I’m in the TA and we have always used the sling, but did a CFT a week ago and the PTI told us to remove the sling.
    Would this just be the PTI or a new rule?

  14. No worries

    I'm not sure. We were told to carry the weapons without aid of the sling, but whether its down to the individual PTI or a new ruling- I haven't got a scooby. All I know is, when out in the field, my lot don't use slings. I was just wondering whether this was a widespread phenomenon or what.

    adie1182- Thats what we did, but the way we were shown (looped round the mag housing and pulled tight), it got in the way of the mag release catch, and made loading/unloading difficult. How do you arrange yours?
  15. We don't wear slings on CFT's either. This cropped up actually before we had one once and the PTI said it had to be carried in your hands, so you can get the right hand movements.

    He had seen Infantry battalions on CFT's with there rifle strapped to their bergans, and obviously it's very unprofessional.