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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Swamped, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Trying to find myself a weapon sling that's ideal for searching.
    After being on exercises over the past few months where we've been searching, I've tried using both the issue sling and the sling that attaches to your body armour.
    Find the issue sling when your weapon is slung on your back (and any other time in Osprey) gets down the side of your shoulders and cuts them to shreds.
    Using the attachment in your Osprey issue, it's designed for your weapon to be slung down your side and not to your rear and stay there comfortably.
    Has anyone done a Herrick carrying out search and found a comfortable solution for this? I've had a quick look at the bungee slings online, any feedback on these?
    Or alternatives?

  2. ...I think a few 'man the feck up pills' should help. No need to thank me.

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  3. Never once in 14 years did I find myself being 'cut to shreds' by the issued sling.

    Did you get mixed up between your weapon sling and a load of razor blades on a string?
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  4. Osprey clip and a thing called a weapons catch. Works for me doin search over the water. Never had a problem climbing fences, wading through ditches or fighting through gorse bushes and broom in the arse end of South Armagh.
    Something like that.
  5. SLR sling was best for being a pain in the arse - the current issue one does a shite job of being shite.

  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    try wearing a polo neck.
  7. Try slipping a padded sleeve from a civi bag onto the sling where it digs in. If it works for you, then stitch it in place.

    Otherwise, try making a sling of your own design. It's only webbing so cutting and stiching it shouldn't be too hard.
  8. Use the clip for the osprey but leave it loose, tuck the butt under the arm pit and hold the weapon by the gripod. Worked for me. I didn't clip on as it made changing arms easier.
  9. To the man up etc replies. Normally I'd agree, but doing search unfortunately if there's a time that I take my eye off the ball ******* around with an uncomfortable gat on your back, it might not be me that pays the price for it but one of my muckers.
    JBM - I'd never had a problem with a sling before, never had a problem slinging your weapon when it's just lied flat on your shoulders. As I said in the OP, it's when the sling gets dragged into the kneck line of your Osprey, and onto it's side that it cuts in, made worse by an arm that's swinging every few seconds.
    Any little thing that can make you that little bit more comfortable on a summer tour is a bonus in my opinion, because it's going to be rats out there in 50 degrees as it is.

    Thanks for the replies from lads with experience in this sort of thing (rather than the old ***** who are well 'ard), I'll give all of them ago when we go away next on exercise abroad before we deploy, and test and adjust from there to find the best set up.
  10. Bitching for a solution is not like us old gits that just made one, try it.
  11. Or do some PT and grow a pair of shoulders.
  12. Try this

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  13. So, my story about the Trogg that hanged himself with 2 SLR slings and the RSM was pissed off as he was only issued with one is not really relevent?
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  14. Or get your self a 2 point sling from 5.11
  15. I love slings... they make me shoot better.... now if you want to talk serious slings... I'm your man.

    But to be honest, a decent shot doesn't need a sling as an aid.