Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by the_lazy_H, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. a mate of mine, random as fcuk. has started to drink slimfast shakes for scoff. now i thought it was just for women however does this shit actually work if you stick to it?

    he has also been looking at liposuction for his beer gut that he accumilated for 2 postings of 3 years when he was in germany as he says he is unable to shift it with phys.

    basically is he a genius or should i rip him for being a big girl?
  2. dunno about weightloss but Slimfast was a godsend when I had my wisdom teeth out - lived off slimfast and soup for a fortnight as I couldn't get anything bigger than a teaspoon in my gob!! :D
  3. the_lazy_H, Slimfast is aimed at wimmin, since they're the ones who usually want to lose weight, but it's basically only increasing protein intake. Tell your mate to make sure he takes on more fluids too.


    By the way, is your avatar not the old 11 (or 12) Brigade flash? Used to be headquartered in Quebec Barracks, Osnatraz?
  4. cheers, why more water?

    old 12 bde flash, 212 sig sqn have it and a RLC unit both were 12 bde before relocating to herford/bielefeld accordingly. im sure there are a few others who still have it as a unit emblem too.
  5. a high protien diet can increase your likelyhood of suffering with kidney stones, this can be countered by making sure you are well hydrated at all times.
  6. Surely if slim fast is a basic protein drink would it not be better to buy some protein powder and make your own up and end up aving a small fortune, and also avoid being ripped by your mates for being a girl?????
  7. My ex's uncle went on the slim fast plan and couldn't understand why after a month he'd put on 8 lbs, turned out the fat cnut was havin 3 cans for breakfast and 3 for lunch because "one wasn't enough".

    Gen story, thick as fcuk bloke. Last i saw still a tub of lard and now registered disabled through obesity. Not really a help to you but i always thought it was funny.
  8. Slimfast is a thick healthy shake perhaps Burker King should replace there fattening shakes with slimfast. Great with an Angus Burger meal and more healthly than standard meal
  9. It tastes pretty awful but does seem to work. The best bit is if you send off for the Slimfast shaker, used to be just 50p, you get a perfect, bargain cocktail shaker. So, sod Slimfast and try making up the odd vodka Martini, Mojito or whatever takes your fancy, you won't lose weight, but then you won't give a damn! :wink:
  10. He is no genius just cnut who cannot get off his fat arse and do phys- if he is in army ask him to sign off through JPA - fat lump of shat
  11. You big poof! I had my wisdom teeth out under a general anesthetic in the morning time and I was eating toast by that evening!
  12. slimfast is the devil's snot and it makes your farts smell like yoghurt!
  13. I take you diet is lard sandwiches judging by your avatars picture
  14. don't be ridiculous....lard tastes foul! Dripping is SO much more palatable
  15. You've done this before then tubby?