Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Whiskybreath, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Interesting point been raised on the obvious site recently re the term 'Green Slime'. Some have it that it's a relatively recent soubriquet, but I'm sure that I came across it years previously in the 7th decade. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was tarred with it as early as 1974 at Old Sarum.

    I've never taken offence at the charge, and in fact I'm certain it was affectionately given at the time (for a very good reason)...

  2. WB on my first posting in 1975 to BOAR I was referred to as "Green Slime" so I can state that there is "nothing new under the Sun".
  3. Thought so. Wouldn't mind betting that it's been around for a few years before that, too. We used to wear the green chip hat before the green beret...
  4. It must be the Chip Bag and the Jumper then,
  5. The term was definitely in use in the mid-late 80s in NI too. I am also the proud owner of the official greenslime tie - puke green coloured little pacman type creatures on a black background - that the Int Corps in Hong Kong had commissioned just before it closed down.
  6. I get called it at least once a week.
  7. There was (see IMDB) a 1968 film called The Green Slime about a giant asteroid heading towards earth...
  8. Oh!, Wise One I think you mean "Mushrooms; kept in the dark, and fed on a diet of bull dust! "

    Still think "The Duke of Edinburghs' Own Felt Tipped Comandos" explains our change from the old blue beret. Miss my side hat and wooly pully! The latter lasted years for the days I went fishing! It only cost a £5 !
  9. I believe that the cypress green beret thing came as a consolation prize for having been knocked back when trying for a "Royal Intelligence Corps".
  10. Royal Intelligence Corps - it would've been abbreviated to RIC. Far too RAF for my liking!
  11. or RINT
  12. Word Game:

    Only joking your Slimeness

    I joined the Army in 73 and you were called slime then :D
  13. Over 400 posts in just over 2 months..... you have too much time on your hands old son!