Slim just plain you.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by barbarasson, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. I am without my copy of Serve to Lead and I am trying to find the Bill Slim quote along the lines of leadership being 'just plain you'. Googling has not been a success, can anybody help please?
    pdf page 27/36, pamphlet page 18

    Address at West Point, circa 1950:

    “If I were asked to define leadership, I should say it is the projection of personality It is the most intensely personal thing in the world because it is just plain you.“
    The qualities that distinguish a leader from other men are courage, will power, initiative, and knowledge. If you have not got those qualities you will not make a leader; if you have them, you will.”
    ––Field Marshal Sir William Slim

    maybe also look at

    maybe more detail in
    AUTHOR: Slim, William Slim, Viscount, 1891-1970.;
    TITLE: Courage : and other broadcasts / Sir William Slim.
    PUBLISHER: London : Cassell,
    SUBJECT: Courage.; Morale.; World War, 1939-1945.;
    DOC TYPE: Monograph
    YEAR: 1957.
    PAGINATION: 186 p. ; 21 cm.
    CITATION: abn89190958

    Probably "too much information" but hope that helps WFR
  3. That's a long time between posts WFR. Hope all's well
  4. Good heavens; without your copy of Serve to Lead?! Shame on you sir. Shame on you.