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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by 57spanners, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone out there help me with this, back in the 80's there was a drink known as Cream Soda, (tasted just like it hence the name), that was very popular in Sqn/Bty/LAD etc bars.

    Someone asked me the other day if I knew what went into it, I can't remember myself but I'm hoping someone out there can. Does anyone remember it?

    I have searched the internet and come up with spiced rum and 7up/sprite any other recipes out there?
  2. My other half drinks vanilla flavoured vodka with lemonade..... tastes just like american cream soda 8)
  3. you can get it from tesco I tried to post a link but it went to my shopping trolley!
  4. Barrs american Cream soda or Tesco sell D&G Jamaica Sofdrink Cream Soda (I can spell that's a brand name).
  5. Co-op sells it
  6. they have their own version to, its just by the lemonade in the shop.
  7. Ingredients are:

    Small Dash of Blackcurrant

    Takes a bit of fiddling with the Cordial and lemonade until you get it right. It really does taste like the original though.
  8. One word of warning - don't make a shandy with it, it tastes vile.
  9. Is more like the correct answer and IIRC it was very popular drink.
  10. Used to like that stuff in the 60's. Would foam up impressively when a dollop of ice cream was dropped into it.
  11. Very popular in the far east with gin.
  12. Know where you are coming from loofkar... we used to do the same as kids with a large glass of cocacola and a dollop or two or vanilla icecream in the top... bloody marvelous! :wink:
  13. Creaming Soda is available in most Oz Supermarkets. Having just tried Irn-Bru for the first time, I think they taste fairly similar!
  14. Did you loose your taste buds in some past culinary accident? Irn Bru and Cream Soda taste nothing like each other.... that is crazy talk :)

  15. Not this side of the equator......irn bru tastes like well "irn bru" and cream soda tastes fcuk all like "irn bru" and I dont think the original question related to either of these "soft" drinks folks.