slightly insane civi looking for a regular spunkdump

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by billyx, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. must have

    no ronhills
    no overhangs
    be a real bird not a half done wannabe
    no wizards sleeves
    no deflated tats

    basically il take mrs cole(or nearest offer)

    my details

    im 5,6
    hung like a sparrow
    a face like a dogs turd
    and aftershave that matches my face discription

    il offer nothing but heavy panting rape sex everyday, and il supply the darken`d understair cupboard for your permanent residense while i regenerate my cheesy spoof.

    lady must bring brown bag! otherwise no deal,and DONT wash that minge(my dog will service that prior to sex)

    so come on ladys you know im a stud so mail me!

    and if your quick you will get to expieriance my genital warts which apparently feel like heaven when they explode deep inside you..

    nothing like fresh vinager first thing
  2. i forgot mrs mc oneknee!

    ok having fake limbs is a bonus for using as deep thrust excercises while im regenerating.


    how dashing can you get hey

    forgot to sign my name

    mr huntly

    i bet this gets shifted :twisted:
  3. no takers! :twisted:

    its the sparrow bit isnt it! :D

    oh well il just have to please myself again then :cry:
  4. No it's the lack of punctuation and grammar! :twisted:

    But then I am picky! :wink:
  5. atleast its not in txt speech :twisted: :D

    i'm the catch of the century and your just jealous :D

    only kidding,buts its fun either way. :D

    its one of those funny days i go through. :p

    off to the hole methinks(or delete my ramblings) :wink:
  6. Now I admit that your request is tempting, but you sound just like all the other men I am unfortunate enough to meet, so on that note, youre just not unique enough for me!