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Slightly Early Friday night Thread - Children in Need

Has it finished yet? Can I turn the telly on for the news without being assailed by the naus-fest?

Just Text:
YES-YES to 70405
YES - NO to 70410
NO - YES to 70420
NO-NO to 70430
OK, I'm going out later so need to get this in early.

I'm totally bored and sick of seeing bloody Pudsey and the BBC luvvies trying to scam cash out of us, the current trend being to give cash to see "celebrities" e.g. have iced water etc poured over them, do pathetic dancing etc etc.

I'm not giving anything for this dross, but I will give £100 to see Fiona Bruce get her tits out for a full 5 seond flash on Question Time.

The question is, what would you like to see and how much would you pay for it.
You do know there are other channels don’t you, hundreds in fact, it’s not 1957 anymore!
You do know there are other channels don’t you, hundreds in fact, it’s not 1957 anymore!
Thanks for that titbit of valuable information.

download (2).jpeg
I'd cheerfully donate a few quid to see Food Banks closed. Chain gang the obese thonged mongs ( who needs to floss their ring anyway) and make them scrub chewing gum off city centre block paving for their "entitlements".
It would end those blue rinse upper middle class Merc 180 ( Renault) shitbox driving Rotarian dried up clunged smug fat bitches dressed in lilac shoving cans under your nose in the Tesco doorways and stop so-called poverty stricken Iphone carrying starv-ees....who have just spunked their weekly Welfare on "Sure fire Millionaire" Lotto cards at the fag counter with a trolley of White Lightening, cheap shit mechanically extracted "meats" and family packs of Walkers.
Tell me I'm wrong...and why.
Bastards. Harrumph.
Good evening.
But at least the great unwashed, “poor” get to watch it on their 55” flat screen television! I think it is very thoughtful of the BBC to put CIN on at 7:30pm, gives all the starvin benefit tab smokin cock munchers time to get up after another all nighter on the White Lightning!
Does someone need a class of fruit bat juice and a lie down?

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