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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by alfred_the_great, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. The title probably isn't one to give board members hope, but here we go:

    How does the entire ICSC(L)/"Black Bag" thing work? What are the top jobs and how are they assigned?

    Not a wah, and more than happy to take it to PM, just a curious matelot....
  2. My understanding is that "black bag" lists no longer exist. Some old black bags have become Initial Grade 2 (IG2) jobs (-e.g., some MA jobs) and many remain Subsequent Grade 2 (SG2) (-e.g., Type A Bde COSs). Selection for most IG2 posts is prior to/during attendance on ICSC(L) (some people go to sub-unit command prior to their IG2). Selection for SG2 will include the reports from ICSC(L) and IG2 (and sub-unit command). Some job specs still have "psc" as a requirement even though they are IG2 jobs (which might indicate they were black bag jobs).
  3. On the current E1 / E2 list many of the jobs are still annotated as "black bag" not sure why, or how they are filled bearign in mind there are no new psc Majors
  4. ACSC 9 graduates who went direct to command tours have still to do their 'black bag' job. They are streamed towards the 'black bag preferred' jobs on the list. Additionally there are still a few Overseas Staff College graduates every year; US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, India, Pakistan and now I believe Kuwait are all regarded as staff college equivalents, earning 'psc' and they too are streamed towards the black bag jobs.
  5. The current E2 lists jobs available as part of the final Black Bag as explained by q-t above. The line from Glasgow is that all officers are permitted to apply for a BB job regardless of whether or not they are psc(j), although the posts will be psc(j) preferred.
  6. sorry, perhaps I wasn't specific enough. What is a black bag job (or it's replacement) and what did it qualify you to do? Is it solely for SO2 or does it include SO1?

    I've been looking at the Mil Sec (internet) website, and as I understand it the SO2 job pipeline goes ICSC(L) -> initial SO2 job -> Sub Unit Command -> possible other SO2 jobs -> ACSC -> Command; or have I completely mis-read it all?

    As I've said, this is purely for intellectual curiosity and from a matelot, so please use simple words....
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  7. The mil sec site is correct, but the path used to be:

    ACSC - black bag - command - subsequent staff job

    Those who went to command a sub-unit immediately after staff college and then went to do their black bag job were known as 'black bag returners' and went on to the black bag list of the the year in which they were returning to staff.

    'black bag' was used to describe those staff jobs for (army) graduates of ACSC, the 'black bag list' was the list of staff jobs held specifically for ACSC graduates and which was the cause of so much concern for army students on the course. Much mirth, despair and hard drinking was occasioned on 'Black Wednesday' when the black bag list was published of who had got what job, which pretty much indicated where you stood in the pecking order and what your future career held for you.

    As far as I know there is no direct replacement for the black bag list. Most black bag jobs are now subsequent SO2 posts, although a fair few have become initial SO2 jobs. maybe in future initial SO1 jobs for army graduates of ACSC will become the 'black bag list'.

    I hope this makes it a bit clearer. I went through the system and still did not understand half of it; probably explains why I am where I am today! :D
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