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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by andylamb, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. I need some help,

    basically everything was going fine right up to my final interview.
    barb test done medical forms in etc,
    then today my interview with that numarcy and literacy test etc,
    i passed that too but it wasnt hard.
    even if my spelling and grammar in this post dictates otherwise,
    but basically heres the problem,

    my fiance's ex left over £3K worth of rent arrers on this flat from 1999 - 2001
    amazing that that was accumulated and they were not evicted but thats what happend.
    ive now been here with her with my duaghter and stepson,
    anyway we have proof that he was the one working fulltime at that point and should have been paying the rent.
    he obviously did not.
    now at my interview they tell me i cannot get living quaters if im not married to the mrs,
    fair enough i totally understand that.
    however im now told by the AFCO that i cannot join fullstop if i am married to her and the rent arears are not payed as it somehow becomes my debt..
    so wth..
    her ex makes debt and run's away and i try to start a career and cannot do it becuase his debt becomes mine..
    does anyone have any idea how i can fight this if at all.
    if not im gonna have to pay a £3k debt that isnt mine,
    im alreaddy paying for his son (wich i dont mind doing but he doesnt pay anything at all)

    this is turing into a complete nightmare for me.
    sorry to moan about it but im really p155ed off about it.
  2. No expert, but until you marry your gf, the debt surely is hers in other words NOT YOURS.
  3. yeh totally right,
    but i am desprate to take her with me when i finnish all my training.
    the only other answer for this is for me to join and then marry her after the debt is payed off and that could take a long time and i want to be able to see her and my kids.
  4. There's nothing at all to stop you joining up and when you get a posting getting some accomodation privately in her name and you can always live there. I know that's far from perfect but when I was posted to HK in 1966 I was told there was no accomodation available for my wife so I rented privately and brought her ut at my own expense. Unfortunately there are some things you have to do for yourself and if money is tight curtail your spending. In essence it's all down to what your priorities are.
  5. well..... you could pay her debt off with your training (basic 1 & 2) wadges once your in the army then marry her after your training period withch the M.O.D would give you accom for you and your family. best thing to do would to talk to you sargent incharge off your application im sure he/she would work out and action plan for you

    FOSTA 8O
  6. ok i will give this all some good thought over the next few weeks im sure it will work out.
  7. if he "runs away"..surley there must be some sort of way of tracking him? If the flat was in his name he is responsible.

    Like someone can live out of the and my now hubby were living out of camp and renting when we were engaged...its sometimes nice to live it.

    At least this way it will give you time to track down him..or his family and let them sort the mess out. Dont let him take the p*ss!!
  8. p.s excuse is goood
  9. we know where he lives monkey,
    but the guy doesnt work he doesnt pay for his son,
    and has said he will only pay half of the rent arrears and well,
    he payed £10 towards it about 2 years ago.
    and according to scottish law my partner remaind in the flat so that makes her responible for 100% of the debt.
    how is that justice.
    if i join the army i also become responsible for the debt. (if i marry her of course)
    now thats messed up.
  10. CSA the only time I will ever say this, they may help in your case. Join up do basic then get married you will be entitled to a married quarter, move her and the kids in, then pass all debt to him through the CSA as he should have been supporting his child.
  11. Ear Ear. It wouldn't be the first time that a soldier has married a debt monster. As far as that Army is concerned there not too fussed on the finance state of the wives and fiances. Get into the Army, keep yer gob shut, then see a solicitor. Or better still encourage her to do this while you are in training.