Slight issue with age.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by TheFriendlyBomb, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. Right the title says it all really. I'm 26 and although that wouldn't be a problem if I was going to RMAS in September at the latest I've been warned that I might have some problems due to my age. Now it's not a major issue as I'm hopefully joining ETS (and the age limit is higher) but I was curious would any other corps or regiment take me?
  2. What stage of your application are you?
  3. Waiting for my AOSB briefing. Thus far it's been really quick as I don't think ETS get many recruits who already have a PGCE. It could also be that I'm being rushed through due to my age but don't quote me on that.
  4. It just means you will be a ******* junior old aged rupert
  5. You are in so much trouble.

    The IRON will know the answer, but it's Friday night, and he's probably sat at home watching telly. You, on the other hand, should be out shagging Irish nurses.
  6. If you pass Main Board before 1st May (unlikely I think) you are fine.

    If you don't then once you have completed AOSB Briefing your report will be forwarded to the AGC, who will decide whether they want to proceed and consider "confirming" you.

    If not, you're fucked. So best give your all for AOSB. Also, I am not sure, but I think the Army might make you re-take the PGCE in-service.

    Also - as for other Regs taking you, you are ONLY eligible for Intel, RAMC MSO, or AGC at 26. Intel and RAMC are, on the whole, not interested in taking 26 year olds, unless you are truly exceptional. AGC a little more lax.
  7. As I stated before the Nurse thing didn't happen, unless you have photographic proof.
    Thems the rules.
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  8. i had the same problem with a young Lance Jack who works for me, but it's ok now - she told me she's 'barely legal' - her words - gen!
  9. So put simply if AGC say no I'm fucked?
  10. Consider yourself double triple dead.

    and you want to go Officer entry....give me strength!!

  12. Mimi, he's been told off already by me, he's all yours now.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Stop trying to second guess, put yourself about, look useful and push as hard as you can without becoming unpleasant - you'll be surprised what the Army will do if it wants you, which is why there are so many process arguments on Arrse about what can and cannot be done.
  14. ETS is within AGC and I think you are assessed per-branch so if for whatever reason ETS rejected you, you could asked to be shopped around the other options with AGC - SPS, RMP etc.

    RAMC MSO is a possibility but highly unlikely. I have no idea why Intel have kept the 29 years upper age limit because they're never short of excellent candidates at RSB. Perhaps they are keeping the window open for those with PhDs and highly specialised relevant skills.

    If you are already booked in for AOSB Briefing then surely your ACA will have told you all of this? Or did you not ask? Not that I resent answering mind, but it's just a little unusual to be gearing up for AOSB Briefing and to not already have in mind what your options are!
  15. I had a idea I was just being doubly sure. I'm AGC focused mostly cause that's where I want to go (and if I don't get ETS on this pass I may be able to switch later). I thought about Int and I may make a visit when the time comes but we shall see. The only option I wasn't aware of was RAMC but as previously stated I'll be lucky so that's probably why it wasn't mentioned.

    Thanks for the help