Slight injury before basic training

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Hi all, I posted in the Pirbright thread about something that is stressing me out/worrying me and could use some advice.

I have basic coming up January 16th, however two or so weeks ago I think I managed to pull/strain a muscle in my thigh. Thinking my legs had rested properly after some sprints I did a few nights before, I went for another run and I could feel a sharp pain through my quads but carried on. It's gone away for now, and it's very mild, as I can only feel it slightly when stretching my thighs and late into runs - a dull and uncomfortable feeling. Also went for another run around 5 or 6 days ago to see if it'd healed up, was ok for the first few intervals I tried but warming down I could feel the pain coming back...

After consulting Dr Google it looks as if I should rest for 2-3 weeks tops. I know you all aren't physiotherapists or doctors but hopefully somebody has been through something similar to this and/or been in the same predicament. I have basic training coming up in another 5 or so weeks, so I'm not sure whether it is worth it to book an appointment with my doctor to take a look, but as said I can walk on it fine and I can't feel it at all, only when I ice it, and only later on into runs.

I'm prepared to rest it for sure but I'm not sure if it'll be fully healed up by basic training and I don't know if it'll be healed up enough to take on the PT throughout basic.

Sorry for the very unclear post, but just looking for some advice and I don't want to mess this up as it's all I've wanted for a very long time.. I don't mind giving my recruiter a call and rearranging my date but what are the chances of me being given a new date, how far into the future would it be and is it too late to change dates after my oath?

Hopefully I can get some advice, thanks.
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