slight help required if you please.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by just_jay, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. ok got my GCSES results back today and itis doom and gloom... i am unable to go REME. as i did not get the required gcse's. my 2nd job choice was RLC driver. i wanted to do this from the begining but the presure of my recruiter and family telling me to go to REME i foolishly went chose REME. i do realise this is my fault as i didnt get the GCSE's but i dont aswell as i possibly could.

    i was ment to start ATR bassingbourn 2nd of september. so i was wondering if any of the fellow ARRSERS are able to pull any strings and see if there is any chance of getting me in on teh 2nd of september or 16th. i was devistated when i realised i might not be getting in till 30.3.08 . will also go as adult entry.

    serios replys only please.- i know bit much 2 ask on this forum :cry:
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Have you spoken to your ACIO?
  3. yes... he is going to ring me tuesday.. but thinks i might be going adult entry.. i see him today hoping to take oath etc.. hense why i am asking on here.. he is trying to do everything he can .. i might go infantry so i can get in september i dont want to wait anotehr 6 months
  4. Be patient and wait for what you want to do.
    You want the job thats best suited to you. Not just the earliest oppurtunity to get in.
  5. yer but if i get in as infantry ... i can tranfer.. instead of sitting on shitty civvy street waiting...
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I LIKE your attitude! Bad luck with the exam results, but very best of British in your aims. :D
  7. Sounds a sound idea, ive got to wait til jan aswell, its a pain in the neck
  8. thats 6 whole months... i would of finished my phase 1 and 2.. and be nearing my driving course.... i will go infantry ifit means i can get my foot on the ladder.. just use it as a stepping stone.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Or re-sit your GCSEs...
  10. re sit my gcse' point i will do no better then the 1st time round. thankyou for the advice though.

    so nobody can get any strings pulled atr bassingbourn then?
  11. I wouldn't advise going infantry just to get your foot on the ladder, it may prove difficult to change later if thats your plan. I am sure the recruiter is trying to do his best for you, have you told him your concerns?
  12. Im not sure how to go about it but I know of a bloke who never had the right grades for a trade and had their application "shaded" by the recruiting office. They send in a special request to the HQ of whatever your trade is if they think you are good enough and they will either come back and say "yes we want this bloke, put him through" or "no"!!!
  13. yes he is very aware. i asked him to try sigs driver aswell. he was pretty shocked TBH because of how highly i had scored in my TST etc
  14. Sorry to hear everything did not work out as you wanted
    You can always apply to see if you can be excepted as a Army Air Corps Soldier (Ground crew)

    My point being some soldiers are very good academically and some soldiers are very good vocational skills

    So go back to the Army careers and have a chat again see what they suggest
  15. i phone my recruiter he said itis isnt looking likely atall.. more likely i go adult entry