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Slight dilemma

Hi all, I'm a new 'member' but I've been lurking for a little while :)

I have a question, and I apologise if it's already been covered but I had a quick search and couldn't find anything.

My question is this: I've been thinking about joining the Army for a little while now, and while I've been making my mind up I've been training most days of the week to get my fitness up. I am planning to visit my local AFCO on Monday morning to begin the application process. Today however, I was made redundant, and I'm a bit worried that the recruiting staff at the AFCO might think I'm only applying because of this. I'd imagine I'd be asked about my current employment etc.

Sorry if this post appears a bit stupid, I'm still in a bit of a whirl after today's news, as I planned to have my application running whilst I was still employed.

Any adivce/thoughts would be greatly appreciated :thumleft:
Nah ................... Back in the seventies I was a copper and they took me !

If you have the basics .....

Common sense (rare today)
Ambition (is good but not necessary)
Honesty (very rare these days)
Integrity ................................................................ THE BIG ONE ! ( with that you could be Prime Minister)

The fact the you have been made redundant is not going to be held against you. Go for whatever trade floats your boat, and good luck.

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