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Slight adjunct to the boots bulling thread...

My combat highs get scuffed to crap when used in normal situations - e.g. my shooting prone position seems to destroy my toe-caps! They get so badly scuffed that they don't take polish properly anymore, meaning they end up looking like they have boot leprosy when I have to wear them day-to-day. Any suggestions as to how to cover up the scuffs?
Can't remember the name of the stuff, it's been a while, but it's available in the kiddies shoe dept. And has (or at least used to have) a cartoon of ankle biters playing ring-a-rosy on it, sort of pointy bottle with a sponge on top.

Just dab it on the scuffs and leave it an hour or two, gives a near perfect surface that takes polish grand. Does wear off after a while mind and needs a re app.

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