Sliding an IFV

Discussion in 'RAC' started by winnfield, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. The frozen football pitch was great fun. 7th gear reverse power slides............ :wink: Then into the canteen for half an hours worth of warm up brews! :D :D
  2. Never slid one that much, but got a bit of sideways movement a few times.
  3. I remember being in a long chain of sliding vehicles, whilst waiting at a ferry dock, and each gentle crunch sent the one at the front nearer the water :D Funnily enough the crew had legged it, but it stopped before it took a watery dip.

    Was good studding tracks at Tidworth and find most had fell out by the time the striker came off the boat in Norway 8O
  4. We studded ours in Tidworth then drove the wagons to Marchwood :? :?

    Trail of discarded studs down the M27 etc...........

    Helped the Recce mech stud the AEC tyres, ffs that was a task and a half :cry:
  5. You studded your own? How vey vey working class.
    In the seventies, ones tracks were delivered 'Prêt-à-Porter'. :wink:

    TBH, I don't remember stud loss being a problem, but then I was probably pissed. :)
  6. I remember we ended up with enough studs to do one track only, or have 2 per link on each, then someone found if you threw them at people it hurt :lol: So we had one wagon with no studs, and a few of us with bruises :D
  7. Even more so when propelled via Black Widow catapult!! :wink:

    We had to stud normal track a few times. 5 studs per pad, drill the holes then push in the stud gun and fire away. What a crap job. :cry:
  8. studding tracks lovely job, not! memories of Tidworth and burning rubber, sliding warrior beautiful sadly no film
  9. Cheify sideways past fuel pumps was fun, especially when you saw the look of horror on the face of the fuel techs as they nearly wet their pants.