Sleeves up it seems

Just heard that RA Dress regs will change to sleeves up in barracks as of next week, but shirts out

Also no C95 MTP "shirts" in camp from now on
we've moved to rolled up sleeves as of today, but rolled down outside camp...

looks shite.
Is it really that important. Next step some people will be buying and wearing their own multicam windproof jackets, which are quite obvious - o wait...
I'd imagine they wear C95 MTP shirts so they can tuck it in and roll up sleeves (looking as smart as we can - to avoid any officer baiting about being scruffy and having to switch the iron ON before use..;-)...)and wear a comfortable shirt.

Instead of MTP proper, which are none of the above. Hateful invention. What next, reissuing shirt, scratchy, wool?

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