Sleeves Rolled Up

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by BigHorse, May 13, 2013.

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  1. Now that CGS has directed a change in Dress Regs to allow rolled up sleeves, it is only a matter of time before tucked in shirts/jackets will follow.

    Certain units have already pre-empted the tucked in aspect with stable belts returning to be the norm.
  2. Can you provide the referenced authority for this change of policy?


  3. .
    Cue fifteen thousand pages of "this is shit" replies.

    This is shit.
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  4. I'm so glad CGS and so many others have so much spare time that they can occupy with this pressing matter. Perhaps they could look into the whole creases/no creases thing while they're at it.
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  5. ACIN: 17/13
    Date: 9 May 13
  6. BigHos,

    Cheers. I'm in Afghan so can you cut and paste?



  7. See what you did there, that really is a pressing matter.
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  8. Yes!

    Please someone cut and paste! I'm also on ops and this will make my tour!
  9. What about sideys?
  10. For those getting excited this isn't a change in policy. This is direction to change the policy - until that is changed PCS remains down and out.
  11. You may roll those up regardless of season.
    Or tuck them in.
    Or iron creases into them.
    Your choice.
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    1. Issue. This ACIN draws attention to the main themes and headline issues that were raised to CGS and ECAB (on 2 May 13) by the CGS Briefing Team over the collection period Dec 12 – Apr 13.

    2. CGS direction. CGS directed immediate staff action should be focused on the following areas:


    e. Uniform. Reinforcing the message that the backload of CS95 is underway and amend the dress regulations regarding PCS, allowing for sleeves to be rolled up in the summer. Action: FDT/AG.
  13. Please note it says "focused on"

    This means they will discuss it not, roll your sleeves up you lovely boys

    So we will have to wait a little longer till we turn a functional uniform into a scruffy archaic twattish item of clothing

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  14. Seriously ? THAT will make your tour ?

    Where the **** are you on tour ? The Bucks Fizz 80s revival tour of Butlins ?

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  15. Proof positive (if ever it was needed) that squaddies are the biggest bunch of moaning twats that exist on the planet! Sleeves ffs!
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