Sleeve Badge on Desert Combats

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 0311Matt, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. I'm looking for some pictures, or information on the format of a rectangular patch I've seen attached to the sleeve pockets of the UBACS shirt of troops in Afghanistan.

    It appears to have the UK flag, rank insignia, last name, blood type, and some other information (service number?) on it.

    If anybody's got a picture of one they could post up, I'd appreciate it. My company is looking at doing a similar one for the Canadian Army and I'd like to see how the Brits are doing theirs.


  2. companys like silvermans,RV ops and survival aids sell them on there web sites. They are not on general issue,not compulsary and some units have banned the use of them,you will see the troops with only TRF's and brigade flashes only and a piece of tape on body armour displaying all the info needed should the unfortunate happen and the individual becomes a casualty.
  3. We aren't. We get the locals to do it for us. In Kandahar. Costs a few bucks. Started of as Zap no. and blood group and went from there.

    Now all sorts ends up on them depending on personal taste.
  4. Never noticed those before !!! Could really irritate the big badge man with those !!!!!
  5. oh yes they do them in Subdued or if you have some balls of steel full colour ! the ometer range are my fave !
  6. Can't be arrsed with them, TRF and Brigade badge is all you need.
  7. I'd rather have my zap and blood group and any known allergies than TRF and unit/formation flash.

    'oh, look doctor, this one is from 56 Brigade, what blood shall we infuse?, shall we whack him up with penicillin?'
  8. You really think they will go off info on a badge you've bought? delusional. Oh look Doc I got this badge from the tailors a couple of doors down from Burger King at KAF, I got this one from ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

    Badges, badges, badges. FFS.
  9. Quite ironic you have a badge for an avatar! :)
  10. Haha very true, my Bde flash. :D
  11. If they were issued maybe.... like dog tags.
  12. Like in 11Bde? Or maybe that is just the HQ wallahs...
  13. They don't go off dog tags either; you are tested before a blood transfusion happens. And even if shirt badges were an SOP, what's to say you hadn't borrowed a mate's shirt on the day you got shot?
  14. Guys, as said on another thread, (and above - took a while to post this!) NOBODY, NHS or Army will transfuse any blood other than O Rh -ve without doing a group and cross-match, REGARDLESS of what it says on arm badges or dog tags. A basic cross-match takes about 5 minutes in an emergency, so it's quick enough to ensure the right blood gets to the right person in time. There will be some units of O -ve available, and they (with plasma expanders) should buy time for that 5 minutes.

    Don't bother with the blood group badges, apart from anything else, if somebody else picks up your kit, or in worse case scenario, somebody elses kit gets put on your stretcher, it might even delay things if the x-match says one thing and the kit with the casualty says another, as double-checks may then be needed.

    The thing to remember about blood transfusions is if the wrong blood group gets transfused, and they are incompatable (1:5 chance at random), it's endex, even if only 20 mls or so is given. That is the major risk from a blood transfusion - the chances of catching anything off blood is about the same as being hit by lightening whilst holding your winning lottery ticket.

    But if you are an airsofter who wants to look ally, feel free. :)