Discussion in 'Officers' started by patroltrace, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. Only on drill parades

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  2. Only when they are on duty

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  3. Yes

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  4. There are some fitties out there

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  1. I understand the Service Test issue. However, there are some fit soldiers cutting around here and they need some loving. Most female officers are bogging and they really suit their issued ARRSEs. Are you with me or against me?
  2. A slightly loaded poll, as you havent included a "No" option.
  3. There are indeed some (few and far between, though) fitties out there, including a Sigs Sqn Cpl who was in JFLogC on Telic 1/2. She was essence.

    However, don't know who said it, but the 'never mix business with pleasure' maxim has to be one to live by in this job, I'm afraid. Civvie strasse all the way for me.
  4. Fair one, but I used rift to mean both shout at (as per drill square)and make sweet love (or hate f*ck) to. One word two meanings.
  5. So take "only on drill parades" to mean no!
  6. 8O
  7. Hmmm...let's debrief this one now before it gets too difficult!

    The essential question here is "Can I dip my wick in company ink?". What does that tell us about the man who instituted the poll? Well he is probably not a Hussar Major - most of them will have hoisted that one in by now.

    Secondly can you rift on drill parades? Yes verbally it is mandatory. However it is very hard for most of the young ladies serving to keep step as it is and any form of penetrative sex is going to leave regimental parades looking like a Turkish NAAFI queue on Fridays.

    Thirdly, you assert that female officers are gopping but female soldiers are potentially non-gopping. All Army women, stand-fast QARANCs, are by their nature either gopping, lesbian or gopping lesbians. The only time when they should in fact be rifted is when it is too dangerous to go outside the secure base area and find some form of primate or indeed the locally preferred species of caprine/ovine animal.

    Finally it is clear that you are not career minded. The role of CGS is unlikely to be beckoning you - for pity's sake a shag with a corporal might be something to mull over as you sit in your seventies, slyly pissing yourself in the smoking room of the Rag while wondering if you can get another port in before the train home to Sussex...but general's daughters were built for two reasons and two reasons only - breeding and career advancement!

    Right back to pre-exercise locations and lets start again with a more thought-out and appropriate poll...ENDEX! :D
  8. Ah, sorry, just me being unintentionally obtuse. :oops:
  9. Cuddles said it so beautifully that I shouldn't try to add anything, but I will.

    I'm often lost for a reason why I feel so strongly against inter-rank relationships, but encountering a fellow officer recently who lost her name for having an affair with a Cpl, I had to fight the urge to grab her by the lapels and shout "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?"

    It's not so much the moral question. It's just the complete and utter lack of judgment and common f*cking sense that such a relationship implies.

  10. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    This thread is verging on being relegated to the NAAFI...

    Not for the comments, just for the overall tone and subject...

  11. Once again, excellence from Cuddles
  12. Perhaps the NAAFI Bar would be a more target rich environment for the snakes on this board who are after a bit of OR action!
  13. Think of it in potential financial terms

    - your pay for the rest of your career

    - your marriage and subsequent CSA payments (only applies to those who are married)

    - Still worth it?
  14. Are you in the Arty by any chance, I know their women are slightly on the rough side? The rest of the army has their share of decent lookers. I think this comment is further below the belt than contemplating sleeping with a soldier!

    If two people fall in love then should it really matter as long as they are not in each others direct chain of command. Everything alse in the forces is being civilianised so why not relationships.

    Some couples don't even know when they are first dating that one or the other is in the forces (if a little personal security is applied).

    I know a few relationships that have lasted over the years and have resulted in one or other of the partners getting commisioned whilst the other one is still in the ranks, is this so wrong?

    (sorry couldn't resist intruding in your domain when I saw a potentially controversial thread going, I love this devils advocate buisness!)
  15. The only caveat - if people genuinely fall in love and get married, then all adverse comment and impact is wiped...otherwise I'm afraid this is so billy basic as to be a no brainer. You're meant to lead, mentor, train and care for these people, who are our magnificent soldiers - even if they are pert and easy on the eye. They didn't join so some loser who couldn't make it with white fleet could sidle up and big time it because they've got a commission. You should have joined to kill the enemies of the Queen.

    Don't fcuk the payroll. If you don't get this, then look at yourself in the mirror - and then fack off.
Thread Status:
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