sleeping with hot girls

should i smash the living day lights out of it while i got the chance?

  • yes

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  • no way

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  • if you wont i will gimee her number!

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ref. recent Brittany spears pic climbing out of a car and her lettuce was hanging out , if a colleague was as hairy and they told you as much!!!! , and her tight pt top looks like there is two puppy dogs nestled in there, would it be rude to turn her down on request of a bit of the old in and out?

Are you coming out?

If not, WTF are you doing posting on here when you should be up to the hilt :?
Thirded, if you need to ask you obviously don't deserve it fag.
Unless this is some kind of bragging in which case your still an arrse!
shirt lifter
Do you use fake tan and colour coordinate your clothes?

ARRSE posting time is valuable time that could be spent washing her "lettuce" with your flowing man juices.

Unless of course you're a pillow biter and looking for a big, strong army man to take you up the hoop
Let me get this right - a colleague has had the common decency to tell YOU that she has a hairy mound and she displays her ample breasts to YOU through a tight t-shirt and YOU have the stupidity to ask US whether or not you should be banging it for Blighty..............

FFS, what is the world coming to?

All previous statements seconded plus 'fudge packer!'
It would be incredibly rude to turn down her offer. And if you do, then you are clearly a screaming fairy.


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Get the strimmer out of the shed, clear a path and climb in!

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