Sleeping out in the Peak District?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Whiskey_60, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. Quick question,

    Me and a couple of mates are heading out into the Peak District shortly to get some hill time in over a couple of days.

    As bone as this sounds, can you pitch up a tent/basha/whatever anywhere you want? We're trying to keep this cheap so want to avoid B&B costs.

    Thanks for any answers given.

  2. The short answer would be No.

    However there are some really good campsites around that are very cheap around 7-12 Quid a night (the more expensive with toilets and shower etc)for a 2 man tent. It is also worth asking at a farmhouse if you could pitch your tent for the night they will probably charge you a few quid and might even let you have some basics (Milk, eggs).

    If you want to go really cheap/covert, recce a suitable out of the way, discrete spot, pitch at last light, keep the lights to a minimum, no open fires, break camp at first light and keep everything tidy (i.e. no rubbish left behind or damage). No-one will be any the wiser. However this is still technically trespass if you do get caught.

    Lots of very cheap campsites on the net though (most near a good pub)

    Hope that helps

  3. Wild Camping and The Law in England, Scotland and Wales.

    Tents cannot be pitched just anywhere because every piece of Britain is owned by some individual or some organisation and according to the strict letter of the law permission must be obtained prior to pitching tent and camping.

    In practice however, this is often impractical and wild camping is usually tolerated in the more remote areas - typically, more than half a day's walk from an official campsite or other accommodation providing you:

    Keep groups small
    Camp as unobtrusively as possible
    Leave camp as you found it
    Remove all litter (even other people's)
    Carry out everything you carried in
    Carry out tampons and sanitary towels (burying them doesn't work as animals dig them up again)
    Choose a dry pitch rather than digging drainage ditches around a tent or moving boulders
    Toilet duties should be performed 30m (100ft) from water and the results buried using a trowel
    At all time, help preserve the environment
    And if you are in any doubt about what you're doing, find out more
    In Scotland, the current access legislation (which came into effect in early 2005) is explicit about your right to wild camp on hill land.

    from HERE
  4. Nein! Das ist verboten!

    Only Scotland is lenient on wildcampers. That said Whiskey, I`ve been wild camping in the Peaks, the High Peak area is better for covert ops (less folks about). Kinder Scout is like Piccadily Circus at the week ends.

    Wild campings` rule of thumb is, pitch at dusk, leave at dawn. On the Peaks, keep lights to a minimum after dark, lots of call outs are for reported lights on the hill, as the locals know not many people would camp....hence they must be in trouble.

    Go for it mate, E&E on the Peaks, theres plenty of nooks and crannies were you can lie up for the night. Use common sense, get up high and the rangers wont even know your there.

    "This land is your land"
  5. Thanks for the answers so far, it's given food for thought.

    I think finding a forrestry block away from everywhere (tracks, roads, farms) and chucking a Basha up at last light will probably work best, get up before first light taking any gash with us and keeping light to a minimum will be best - Christ it sounds like being on Ex!

    Thanks again lads.
  6. Excellent! Atleast I won't be the first wanting to do it this way.

    I suppose if caught you can try the "We lost track of time and suddenly it got dark, we didn't know where we were so we thought we best stop and sleep here till morning so we can get our bearings!"
  7. Hope you have a good time. it's much better wild camping then staying on a campsite. Bloody robbery these days anyway.
  8. Me and Mrs JD are off to the Lakes on Friday tabbing around the hills or at this rate it will be canoeing around the hills! She's really looking forward to it!
  9. So was my missus until she started walking uphill. 8O
  10. Strangely enough she's looking forward to digging into the ration packs I've got! She even asked me if I could still map read......hopefully I can!
  11. My Map Readings upto scratch as are the other two I'm going with. I'm struggling with what to get for Scoff though. I've got 2 MREs as emergency rations (although the Peaks are hardly the Amazon Rain Forest - better to be prepared!), but for normal scoff I don't want to take a portable kitchen but I also don't want to be living off Pot Noodles as we'll be getting some serious hill time in, I'd like to avoid Rat Packs if possible but what are the other alternatives? What do you lot normally take with you?

    I've got a Sapper and a Blues and Royal coming with me so if push comes to shove we can eat the Sapper...
  12. Yeah you can get away with it in the Dark Peak (the areas north of Edale and Hathersage), but I wouldn't try it in the White Peak due to the fact its a lot more intensively farmed and populated.
  13. That was the direction we were headed, we were going to get the train to Edale, go up the Kinder Scout then start pushing North taking in any hills along the way.
  14. Good Point there don't want the entire Search and Rescue orgs turning up :oops:

  15. My son has just walked in from a week in the Lakes with his mates; steam rising from the sodden mass of clothing. Ewww.